Abstract Outline for paper United States Military Logistics through Time

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Abstract Outline for paper United States Military Logistics through Time

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Introduction: Military logistics is the process of sending and receiving materials and personnel. The major activity in military logistics is transportation (Waddell, 2010). Availability of an effective and viable military logistics process strengthens the military power of the country.

Objectives: The research aimed at investigating the role logistics plays in the U.S. Marine forces and the challenges faced.

Background: The military must conduct all their operations in a coordinated and structured manner for the purpose of accomplishing their mission. Effective logistics management plays an essential role in ensuring the success of Marine forces operations (Arquilla, 2000). U.S. Marine Forces was chosen for the study because it forms the major command of the United States Military Department (U.S. Marine, 2014).

Findings: The findings from the research show that logistics plays a significant role in the day-to-day operations of the U.S. Marine Forces. The research found out that the technology had a major contribution towards effectiveness of logistics operations. In the four Marine Bases investigated, effective logistics networks such as poor signals and slow internet connections were a major challenge that affected sharing of information and movement of materials and personnel. Moreover, the results indicated that most base commanders had less information about effective management because they lacked the necessary logistics skills.

Conclusion: The study presented logistics as an integral part of military operations that helps in improving efficiency in the transport department. The main area of challenge highlighted in the research was infrastructure. According to Rushton, Crouche.............

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