Abstract: Child Abuse and Neglect in Saudi Arabia

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Abstract: Child Abuse and Neglect in Saudi Arabia




Recent times have seen an alarming increase in cases involving child abuse and neglect in various parts of the world. This has raised concerns especially considering that some of these cases go unreported. There exists a consensus among all groups of people that this vice needs increased attention. However, there are variations as to the responses that various groups feel would be essential in combating the vice. Volumes of literature have been written in an effort to explore the various aspects of the vice. This paper examines five works of literature that have been done on child abuse, as well as neglect in Saudi Arabia. It examines the contents of the literary works and outlines the reasons for picking it. In addition, it explores the comprehensiveness of the literary works and the approach that different papers have examined. Most of the books whose summaries have been written outline various studies done exploring child abuse, as well as neglect in Saudi Arabia. The key or fundamental aspect of the various works explored and summarized in the paper is that all or most of them are available in the internet. In addition, the comprehensiveness of the journals or literary works and their relevance to the topic under research were considered. The papers do not only explore the problem in the present times but also compares the historical aspect of it. It offers comparison and progress made in exploring child neglect and abuse in Saudi Arabia. In addition, it incorporates literary works that examine how medical practitioners have been treating the vice while giving insights into the efforts physicians have been making in combating the vice. On the same note, it examines a study that compares different countries in the Arab Peninsula as concerning child neglect and abuse.


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