Abstract and Detailed Outline of dissertation in improving logistic operations in the U.S

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Abstract and Detailed Outline of dissertation in improving logistic operations in the U.S

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Logistics in military involves generating, transporting, relocating or redeploying, and sustaining materials and personnel. The ability of United States to support this process depends on powers of its military. Effective logistics operations in the military make the country more flexible and gains advantage over other nations. The main objective of this research was to determine the role played by logistics in the U.S. Marine forces now and in the future.A successful logistics operation in the military requires qualified Logistics Marines who undergo massive recruitment exercise. The main issues that the study investigatedare the cost of maintaining effective logistics, management of marine logistics, utilization of technology, and future recommendations. According to research by Ramey on the impact of logistics in U.S. Air force, availability of infrastructure provides a better avenue for the movement of goods and people in and from military bases. In addition, the study found out that more resources, in monetary forms, are needed to improve the state of infrastructure in military in days to come (Ramey, 1999).

The research was conducted in 4 marine bases in U.S. These were Barstow, CA, Bridgeport, CA, 29 Palms, CA, and San Diego, CA. The sample population for the research consisted of 100 participants, 25 from each marine base. Quantitative research methodology was used to collect data from the selected bases. Interviews were administered to participants followed by questionnaires. These two research instruments were thought to be most reliable because they allowed the researcher to yield consistent data and measure all variables (Phillips & Stawarski, 2008). Graphs and graphs were used to analyze collected data. These formed the best modes of interpreting useful information from the research that met the objectives.

The study found out that logistics play a major role in the military in U.S. U.S. military stands among the most advantageous militaries in the world because of high technology advancements. After analyzing the results, it was realized that technology played a key role in improving logistics in the U.S. marine bases. Bonds et al (2012) that formal networks within the military department play a major role in connecting various military centers across the country. In addition, the uses of informal networks such as social networks, online discussion groups, and chat rooms have the power of improving communication between soldiers. The following literature played a major role in establishing the main elements that would help U.S. marine improve their logistics. In addition, it was realized that military leaders who have established a foundation related to transportation, reallocation, sustainment, and redeployment of military forces experiences effective operations within their bases.

The study findings will play .............

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