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A biblical covenant generally refers to a religious covenant well described in the bible. The Abraham covenant was for Abraham himself and his offspring’s regardless of whether they were of natural birth and adoption. In genesis chapter 12, the chapter marks the important part of Abrahams promises from God. In this chapter, God promises Abraham a great nation. God also promises to bless him and make his name a great name among other names. In chapter 15 of the book of Genesis, God takes up the responsibility of fulfilling the covenant he promised to Abraham. Chapter of 17 of Genesis gives a full insight that the covenant between Abraham and God would be everlasting. In chapter 18 of the book of the Genesis, the terms and stipulation of the covenant are restated. This restipulation is in accordance to the massive destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is interconnected to the offering of Isaac, Abraham’s son.

God’s covenants to Abraham are threefold. This means that the covenant concentrated mainly on three major things. These are making Abraham into a great important nation, showering blessings to Abraham himself as a person and blessing all the nations in Abraham’s lineage. Unconditional terms occur in the promises of the covenant between Abraham and God. God’s covenant of promises gives a clear platform on the development of Gods redemption of His promises, word and action.

Chapter 12 of the book of Genesis gives the pivotal source of Gods covenant to Abraham. Formerly Abraham had the name Abram. It is in this chapter through chapter 17 that the name changes from Abram to Abraham. The chapter captures the Lords speech to Abraham. These words create a solid firm foundation to all what follows in his undertakings with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the other offspring’s in Abrahams lineage. In Genesis chapter 12, declares his promise to Abraham to make him famous and bless him. The promise of the Lord to Abraham concerning blessing him clearly expresses his intentions to make Abraham a great man through protection, increased fertility and safety guidance to those who receive the blessings.

God’s first speech to Abraham points out that he should leave his original land and vacate for the land that the Lord would show him.  This would mean that Abraham would behind his nation. This would a major remark for Abraham to renounce his identification and association with the nation of people who had rebellion and resistances to Lords stipulations and laws. The promises of God to Abraham were pegged on his obedience to the commands from the Lord. In reward to his obedience to the Lord, God would make Abraham a great nation.

In Genesis chapter 12:4-6, Abraham’s obedience to Gods command is clearly depicted. The lord had commanded Abraham to leave his homeland and Abraham left as stipulated in the Lords command. Abraham left for Canaan. Upon arrival to new land of Canaan, God further promises Abraham that He will give the land of Canaan to his off springs. Abraham’s descendants would displace the Canaanites who originally occupied the land. In chapter 13 of the book of begging, God commands Abraham to take a walk through out out the whole land of Canaan  with the underlying that the whole land would be given unto him. A symbolic appropriation of the land of the Canaan to Abraham by God to walk to and fro covering the whole land of Canaan. Abraham act of obedience clearly demonstrates his faith to the Lords promise to give the land to him and his nation.

Chapter 15 of the book of Genesis also marks the Lords communication to Abraham with a strong emphasis on his off springs and the land. The chapter also gives a vivid description of Gods covenant making with Abraham. In this chapter, God also seeks a convenient way to assure and encourage Abraham by gives and affirmation that his nation will be a great nation. Is in this chapter where Abraham questions the Lord about how the promise of a great nation will be valid and becomes a reality bearing the fact that he is childless. Abraham tells the Lord that He has not given him any seed to further his lineage. He only had Eliezer as his heir.

On such questioning concerning a real heir of Abraham, God assures Abraham that he will have his own heir born naturally to him not Eliezer.The Lord further assures Abraham that his seeds will be more than the number of stars in the heaven. Chapter 15:7-21 emphasizes Gods covenant to Abraham mostly focusing on the Promised Land. He gives an encouragement to Abraham that He Himself took him out of the land of Ur of the Chaldeans with an intention of giving him the land of Canaan as his own inheritance.

The chapter also elaborates the covenant ceremony. The Lord God commands Abraham to take to him certain animals. Obediently, Abraham complies with the command and cut and lays the animals .............

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