Abraham’s Expression of Faith in God

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Abraham’s Expression of Faith in God

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Abraham’s Expression of Faith in God

Abraham’s expression of faith in God is expressed in Genesis 22. He expressed extraordinary faith in God when he agreed to sacrifice his son. Many Christians today agree that children and other properties are given by God. However, many of them would be reluctant to give their children as sacrifice to God. An individual is likely to find it difficult to offer his or her only son or daughter as a sacrifice to God, especially when there are no hopes of bearing another child. Abraham’s account acts as a challenge to Christians, with regard to their faith in God.

Abraham was living in Canaan when God asked him to sacrifice his son. Before moving to Canaan, Abraham did not have a child since his wife, Sarai, was barren. Although Sarai’s handmaid, Hagar, gave birth to Abraham’s child, the child could not become Abraham’s heir. After bearing the child, Hagar ran away from Abraham’s home. As a result of God’s intervention, Sarai became pregnant at the age of 90, many years after she had reached menopause. She eventually gave birth to a son called Isaac, who was expected to be the only heir of Abraham.

Earlier before the birth of Isaac, God had made a covenant with Abraham, in which He promised to bless and protect Abraham and his descendants. In turn, God required Abraham to be obedient and faithful to Him. Later after the birth of Isaac, God decided to test Abraham’s faith in Him. God recognized that Abraham loved his son, but He instructed him to go to the land of Moriah and sacrifice his son as a burnt offering in one of the mountains that he would find there.

In response to the instructions, Abraham woke up the next day early in the morning and started a journey to the land of Moriah, together with his son and his serv.............

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