About Smart Phones

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About Smart Phones

Smart phone, which has an advanced connectivity and computing capability, is a mobile phone that is developed on a mobile operating system platform. It is more advanced than the featured or common mobile phones. The first smart phones have minimal functionalities that mainly include  mobile phone and PDA (personal digital assistant).However, later models are advanced and have many features and functionalities that include mobile phones, PDA, pocket video cameras, portable media players, compact digital camera, GPS navigation units, web browsers, high resolution touch screens and GPS navigation unit.

Devices that combine computing applications and telephone functions were developed in 1973,but their offer for sale began in 1994.It was in 1997 that the term smart phone appeared when Ericsson described the GS88 notion as a smart phone. The difference between the common or feature phones and smart phones is not clear, however, one of the major difference is the presence of APIS(advanced application programming interfaces on smart phones, which enable them to support third party applications. APIs enable apt integration of hardware and phone operating systems, a feature that is absent in common phones.

The first mobile phone to support personal digital assistant feature was an IBM prototype introduced in 1992 .The phone was presented for public viewing at COMDEX computer industry trade show in 1992.In 1994, a superior version started to be marketed and sold to consumers under the name Simon personal communicator. Marketing of the Simon was undertaken by BellSouth. Although the term smart phone had not been coined by then, the Simon can be referred to as smart phone because of its advanced features that were absent in common phones. Apart from receiving and making normal phone calls, the Simon was a.............

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