Abortion should be legal

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Abortion should be legal

Original enthymeme: Abortion should not be illegal in any State because an expectant woman has the right to decide whether she wants to carry the baby to term or not.

Claim: Abortion should not be illegal in any State.

Stated Reason: Because it should be entirely a decision of a mother on whether she wants the child or not.

Grounds: Women end up having unwanted babies who end up suffering or at times the pregnancy is medically dangerous to the mother and ends up putting her life at risk. These issues can be solved by legalizing abortion and making it a lesser social evil.


Non-abortionists argue that abortion is illegal at any stage since it is murder. This is not the case because most abortions take place in the early weeks of pregnancy when the fetus cannot exists as an independent person from the mother. This is because it if attached to the mother through the placenta and its health is fully dependent on the mother. Therefore, it should be regarded as a separate person outside the womb and therefore abortion at this stage cannot be said to be murder.

Adoption can also be regarded as abortion because it leaves the mother with the decision on whether or not to keep the child. Both of this acts; adoption and abortion should be discussed as one because they both focus on the well being of the mother and the child. It can be urged why keep a child that is not wanted just for it to suffer or just be an inconvenience for the mother. In United States statistics show that 3% of unmarried white women and 2% of unmarried black women give up their babies for adoption.

Form a medical perspective abortion is a safe procedure. 88% of the women who have had an abortion did not experience any serious complication. While the risk of having any serious complication is way below 0.5%. There is also no prove that these women may have affected their future ability to be pregnant or to give birth.

In case a woman made pregnant after a rape case of incest it may be a further psychological harm to the woman if she keeps the pregnancy. In most case a woman may be too ashamed to speak up or unaware of her pregnancy thus making the use of morning after pill ineffective.

Abortion can also be a form of contraception in cases where other birth control methods have back fired. It is scientifically proven that even with the use of some contraceptive use, pregnancy can still occur. When this happens a woman must make the choice on whether or not to keep the child. Forcing the woman to keep the child would be wron.............

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