Abnormal Psychology

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Abnormal Psychology





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The core role of a psychologist is to offer remedy to those suffering from psychological problems and disorders. To effectively treat mental problems it is key to offer mental solutions (psychotherapy) and this encompasses counselling which demands high level of honesty and openness (Comer, 2014). On the other hand, in some situations, disclosure of psychological assessment information can be harmful to the examinee. Despite this possible harm, it is equally not just logical based on the psychotherapy (counselling) demands but also ethical going by the human rights standards to let the patient understand his/her problem is. Based on the two controversial points of view, I advocate for a considerate harmonization of both viewpoints. That is to say, I find it sensible to share the assessment information with the patient to let him understand the nature and state of his problem. However, caution should be taken to determine the patient’s state of mind with consideration to the information to be disclosed.   If the patient.............

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