A Visit To NAAC Rehabilitation Centre

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A Visit To NAAC Rehabilitation Centre

NAAC was the organization that I did visit in Hong Kong. NAAC is an organization that is nonprofit making and concentrates its efforts towards providing disabled individuals at all levels with quality services. The organization provides the disabled with a safe environment for them to live in that is comfortable. In addition to this, they provide disable patients with training on daily basis that polish their social skills. This assists them to become confident in their interaction with others in the society. NAAC also supports employment for the disabled (Estes, 2005). That is ensuring that there are equal opportunities for the disabled in the workplace. In accordance to this, the organization facilitates the inclusion of the disabled in activities such as packaging, baking cakes, and cashier work and waiters. This improves the skills of the disabled. The visit to NAAC made me understand the conditions of the disabled in Hong Kong and the various efforts in place to assist them overcome such challenges.

During the visit to NAAC in Hong Kong, I realized that there are many challenges that disabled individuals in Hong Kong face. The government of Hong Kong has been providing infrastructure facilities to the disabled, but they have not been on the large scale being successful. While they have enabled individuals with hearing problems to access the internet, the blind face the challenge of using the internet. Transport facilities in Hong Kong are also a problem for the disabled. Despite the efforts to have transport facilities that are friendly to the disabled, most of the transport infrastructure in Hong Kong does not support the movement of disabled. The other challenge that disabled persons from Hong Kong face is the challenge of acceptability by the society (Estes, 2005). The government of Hong Kong has a number of measures that aim at ensuring equal opportunities for the disabled, but there is evidence of marginalization of the disabled in Hong Kong.

The Challenges listed above are the reason that made me understand the importance of having an organization such as NAAC to provide the disabled with facilities that they have difficulty accessing in the public domain. The organization has a number of clubhouses. According to my understanding, the importance of the clubhouses was providing the disabled with a feeling of being at home rather than in an institution. The garden was available to members to plant their own flowers so that they gain positivity view of their life. In addition, the movement of the disabled with the institution is possible through various mechanisms in place to ensure that there are no obstructions. Such facilities include the stand for fine adjustments and anti-slippery mat.

Despite the efforts that the rehabilitation institution was making at trying to ensure a secure and comfortable environment for the disabled, there were problems within the organization. One of the problems that the disabled faced while in the institution according to my observation is the fact that they had to queue for about 3 to 10 years so that they can gain access into the facility. In accordance, parents of the disabled have to take care of their children before they can enter the rehabilitation center. Some parents are more than 60 years of age and have face difficulties in catering for the disabled. Despite this, they have to wait for many ye.............

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