A Trip to South Korea

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A Trip to South Korea

One of the greatest experiences I have ever had in my life is my tour to Korea. I purposely went there to get exposure and learn more about the culture and aspects of the cultural traditions of these people. My journey was to take only one week. By the time I was coming back, I had learnt the Korean language. It was so interesting because I liked their accent.

As a teenager, my trip to South Korea was a very illuminative and good experience that left other travelers yearning for more. For one travel to South Korea from China, nothing much is actually involved after checking the relevant aspects of the weather and taking any necessary precautions. In this regard, several airlines are available from China, which operates direct flights to South Korea. I used Cathay Pacific in this trip considering that the airline offered relatively proper passenger treatment than the other airlines of the city. It is one of the airlines that I used and had a pleasant experience. Seoul is one of the cities that have a bustling metropolis that is effectively inundated with a very rich heritage that truly impresses travelers. Typical of most Korean cities, culture plays a significant role in the history and affairs of this financial center. Since the trip started on 1st May 2012, one week in Seoul offered me sufficient time to explore the city and learn about its history and culture apart from enjoying its beautiful sceneries.

Landing in Korea was both exciting and overwhelming. The first thing I noticed stepping out of the airport was the weather, it was hot and humid, something that I have never quite experienced. Several taxicabs were available at the airport that charged modest fares to the various guestrooms around the city. Being one of the largest cities in Korea, accommodation in Seoul is generally much expensive, unlike most cities in China. Apart from taxis, the city has a number of public transport facilities that can effectively serve the travelers on their operations in the city. These include trolleybuses and the rapidly expanding metro system that covers most parts of the city. From the airport to the hotel I was staying wet and sticky all over with sweat. I was not certain whether it was from the heat or the excitement. That did not matter at that point; I was in Korea one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

My perception of Korea was based on Korean drama. There were similarities with the architecture and the food that was found there, and the crowds were something that I found fascinating too. Apart from the language barrier that did not bother me much I found out that the city was not that different from drama. Some of the things I found fascinating include reading the children bed time stories; in fact, western story has something for the child to learn. The Korean people also love their country and their culture and do strive to make the country better for them and their children. Most of the things they did were almost similar to what we.............

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