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A tale of two cities

A tale of two cities is a novel depicting the lives and times of the people of France during the reign of King Louis xvi. It is a period that was marred with extensive suffering as the aristocrats ruled with an iron fist subjecting the masses to untold suffering. The novel’s setting is before, during and after the French revolution which saw very many people lose their lives. Charles Dickens is trying to use the events that occurred in France to warn the people of England especially the ruling class of an impending danger. His sample I would say is very sufficient as some measures were actually taken to avert in revolution in England.

Charles Dickens gathers information from the occurrences of the French revolution to try and convince the reader that the same fate can become of England if appropriate and necessary actions are not taken. He uses both inductive and deductive reasoning in his 45 chapter novel to try and bring his message to light. Deductive reasoning involves trying to get at a certain conclusion by makin.............

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