A SWOT analysis for BP Company

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A SWOT analysis for BP Company

BP Company is a leading producer of crude oil and petroleum products with headquarters in London; it provides its services to more than 80 countries worldwide. The company’s success is marched with their effortless strategic performance that they put towards improving the services they offer to meet the needs of their customers. BP Company has managed to transform their mission statements and core values by competitively managing to make use of technology to initiate development strategies with an intention of supplying resources that are sensitive to changes in climate and those that can be depended upon by people in the modern society.

In an effort to appeal people to chose BP gasoline station for their petroleum products and energy over its competitor, the marketing and innovation team lead by  Ann Hard planned and implemented an improved new look gasoline station called Helios house. Helios house represent a large modern, eco friendly and non pollutant building located in Los Angeles. It was built using unique materials, appealing features and eye catching design that appeal and thus attracts many people towards its location.

The building consists of self regulating and efficient lightings that generate energy from its 90 solar panels and its roof is covered with grass that can be regulated to provide cooling and warming effects in the inside. Its environmental friendly building techniques has won them a certified award from the U.S green building council and placed it to be the first gasoline to meet the Leeds standards in the U.S.

There are two major strengths that enabled the BP Company to construct the Helios house gas station. First, their continued market lead among other energy producing companies helped them to generate enough revenue as a result of increased sales volume which helped them to successfully construct the expensive building. In addition, they had intensive consumer insights which helped them to understand their customers needs thus provide the services that would satisfy them.

Based on its green and eco friendly construction, it is evident that the management team in BP Company had identified an opportunity to improve their brand image by focusing on green ideas that communicated its services with an eco friendly essence. The green Helios house station was put up to demonstrate that a company dealing with environmental degrading products such as fuels and gasoline could as well protect the same environment using other eco friendly activities such as saving energy by using solar panels and tracking rain water to irrigate the dry landscape in the house. The green Helios house gasoline station has successfully managed to sell their brand image since it has attracted many clients who have helped increase their sales volumes.

Another major reason that prompted the .............

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