A survey carried out on the Middle East by groups of 3-5 students

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A survey carried out on the Middle East by groups of 3-5 students


Introduction. 1

Background. 1

Methodology. 2

Primary Data. 2

Secondary data Collection Method. 3

Finding. 3

Self-assessment of the survey. 4

Conclusion. 5


This research paper is based on a survey carried out on the Middle East by groups of 3-5 students. The survey looked at various aspect of the Middle East including the language that is widely spoken, the number of countries making up the Middle East, as well other ethics, and geographical or historical aspect associated with the Middle East. Voting was used in the survey in which the chosen response was the one wining the majority of votes on the various variables of research.


The survey was conducted in the Middle East to establish the various aspects of culture and various practices in the region. Some geographical aspects were also considered whereby the research was also aiming to find how respondents are knowledgeable about the number of countries in the region. Aspects of culture that were important in this survey research included language, the way people write the common language in the region, as well as the capability of sports in the region. In language, various languages were established including Hebrew, Persian, Kurdish, Urdu, and Turkish. The aspect of results was seen in the case were the survey established to find whether respondents knew about the country obligated to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


In collecting the information that was necessary in conducting the research, both primary and secondary data collection methods were used. The primary method of data collection was used to obtain first-hand information about the Middles East as far as the various aspects of culture, social, and political practices are concerned. On the other hand, secondary data was necessary to provided information about ht region that could be obtained only from historical books, the internet and from previous researches on the Middle East Region.

Primary Data

Primary data collection consistent of only one method in this research although various methods can be used to obtain first-hand data and information. Primary data collection method is the basic used in obtaining primary data and involves the use of various materials. Unlike secondary method of data collection, primary methods of data collection are more expensive and tedious due to the massive resources used. In the case of this research, moving from one place to another throughout the Middle east region may be unrealistic and unachievable especially give the time and money constraints that exist. It may require the researchers to higher various agents in different regions to ease the collection of data and enhance the reality of the data. This research uses a generalization aspect of research from a conducted sample survey.

The sample survey is designed in a way that and individual would indicate the number of votes out of a total of one hundred votes in each case of question regarding an aspect or variable of research on the Middle East. The researcher checks on the validity of each question by establishing which of the provided answers earn the highest number of votes. The sample survey is set in a manner that is very easy to understand due to high level of clarity and assumed accurateness. Some answers are fixed while others .............

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