A streetcar named desire

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A streetcar named desire

The play revolves around imaginations of fantasy in the place of reality. Blanche who is the main character of the play tries to disguise herself from the reality. She says that she lost her ancestral land to hide what happened to her. In real sense, she is not able to own a homestead because she lost her job as a result of her irresponsible sexual behavior. In addition, she could not manage to pay continue paying bills because she had lost her job (Mohanty, p. 67). She behaves responsibly to win Mitch’s favor. Only to be disappointed by Stanley who tells Mitch of the bad sides of Blanche. Blanche is upset because of the reality that dawns on her, she resorts to hide herself in fantasy in order to deceive others.

Stella abandoned her relatives in Laurel to hide herself in Stanley’s arms. By doing that she was just trying to escape from the reality of boredom after some of their relatives had died. Stella should just have stayed with Blanche in Laurel instead of hiding in the illusion of marriage with Stanley that is, after all, not peaceful. How could she abandon her sister to go and get married? Stella is upset by the hostility and awkward behavior of Stanley (Parks, p. 45). However, Blanche suggests that she leaves to go for the millionaire but she refuses. In fact, Blanche tells her that he raped her. Stella does not want to accept the reality and affirms that Stanley cannot do that.

The play portrays many characters trying to make the transition from the old to new. Stella and Blanche lose their beautiful mansion only to start mingling with common men. It is the reality and they cannot avoid it, in fact, Blanche ends up becoming desperate such that she is not able to own a house for herself (Mohanty, p. 23). She is despised by being given a one-way birthday ticket by Stanley. Stanley does not give her a gift; he wants her to leave the house. Blanche used be a respected high school teacher, her new status is horrible. She is no longer a wife material. She is not respected by Stanley as a sister in law.

There are several driving factors that drive different characters in the play. If Blanche was responsible enough, she could have remained in Laurel as the high school teacher and maintain her ability to afford a where to live. Her sexual emotions lead her to live in poverty as well as a desperate life. Mitch is at first driven by love to want to marry Blanche. However, after getting informed of the facts about her, he restrains. He instead comes again but with a different motive, to get sex ‘He comes to her with accusations and his tone i.............

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