A Strategy Model For Adoption Of A Policy On Gun Control

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A Strategy Model For Adoption Of A Policy On Gun Control

The government should always attempts to solve the problems that affects it country by coming up with appropriate public policies that are inclined to solving these problems in the public domain. The process of making a public policy is a slow process and incremental. Making of a public policy usually takes a route of a certain model for a proper policy to be instituted.

However, it is important to note that when coming up with any public policy, the institution responsible have to be considerate on the model that will be in line with the country’s constitution. The constitution of the United States of America have outlined specific stages that a policy needs to pass through before it is accepted as a national policy of the land. It is also important to take into consideration the checks and balances that were designed to require a broad consensus among the branches of the government before a policy could be developed and implemented (Woll, 1974). It is therefore imperative that the best model should be applied in formulation of the policy. In respect to this, classical model best placed since it puts into consideration the three arms of government in policy formulation.

It is also important to remember that legislations are made in parliament which by the constitution is the primary policy making organ in United States of America. A policy can emanate from any body or organ of the government and be forwarded to the parliament for deliberation as a bill. However, in the cases where there is dire need of a policy to cover public interests such as the case of control of the fire arms, the executive is tasked with the responsibility of formulating a policy which can be forwarded to the legislative for discussion and adoption. After the passage of the policy, it can now be enforced by the administrative organs of the government for the public good.

For the best policy to be formulated, the policy needs to undergo a thorough public policy analysis stage (Birkland, 2011). The policy analysis ensures that that the suggested policy is thoroughly analyzed by the experts in the field and that necessary contributions by several stakeholders are made in order to produce a policy that is effective and which can stand the test of time. This technique should comprise quantitative methods that determines the suitability of the policy in the United States of America. However, qualitative assessment will also be necessary to be done in order to establish the applicability and the suitability of the policy.

After the analysis of the policy by the experts, there is need to have an agenda setting in the public domain. Agenda setting is necessary since it is the process by which an issue gain or loss the supp.............

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