A Stable Government Is The Solution For The Famine In Somalia

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A Stable Government Is The Solution For The Famine In Somalia

This paper seeks to give an analysis on how the recurrent famines in Somalia can be solved through having a stable government. Somalia is experiencing the worst drought in about 60 years, as they try and struggle with the civil war. Around 3.7 million people are affected by the drought, and many lives are being lost.  The children of Somalia are the ones, who are suffering greatly, as a result of the famine (Dixon, 2011). According to the United Nations, malnourishment levels among children are at 30%. UNICEF has confirmed that in every six minutes, a child dies in Somalia, due to famine.  The country is extremely insecure, thus making it difficult for the United Nations to deliver food and aid.

A stable government needs to exist, so that the security issue is addressed, and a solution found. Most Somalis have to travel dangerous land in search of food, not knowing if they will be alive, before they reach the food. Most of the Somali people are finding their way into Kenya. It is estimated that around 1800 people enter Kenya on a daily basis. These numbers are extremely high and they cannot be all catered for by the Kenyan government. Since the Somalia government is supporting the activities of the United States, the group known as Al-Shabaab is causing a lot of problems. Somalia is guarded by militia, who are in support of the existing federal transition government.

The Somali government ought to become stable, so that the international community is able save the people who are starving. Aid in the form of medicine, water and food, is needed urgently (Qasim, 2011). Those working in the United Nations and transitional government should work together if the problems of the famine are to be solved. A strategy must be set up by the transitional Somalia government to eradicate famine, as this should not be taking place in the 21st century. The warring parties in Somalia, who are all fighting for power, are the cause for the famine tragedy .Instead of focusing on the needs of the citizens; they are only interested in matters concerning power.

The Somali people have for a long time suffered due to the civil war. In the year 1991, President Siad Barre was over thrown, thus becoming a failed state. There are no human rights in Somalia, as well the.............

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