A screening the business idea and business model for ~Climate Control Clothing~

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A screening the business idea and business model for ~Climate Control Clothing~


Technology gives us more reasons to smile and more ways to make life easier. Climate control clothing is technology in the clothing industry that helps you keep warm even when it is cold and cools you up when it is cold. Many people have not experienced this, which makes it a good idea to venture into climate control clothing business. In a bid to embrace technology and make a profit out of it, climate control clothing provides a solution to everybody, young and old. This paper analyses in depth, climate controlled clothing as a business idea considering the risks involved and what investors stand to gain. The paper is a guide into the business and provides detailed information on the potential growth of climate control clothing as a business and its financing requirement. This paper will also provide supporting details on how to grow this business venture.

Original Business Idea

Climate control clothing is a business idea that aims at taking advantage of few manufacturers of the product in the market. Manufacturing and controlling the supply of this product, to control and fully eliminate unauthorized intermediaries in the supply process. The business idea in climate control clothing is providing light wear that is made from advanced fabrics.

Clothes made using this technology provide solutions and comfort in varying climatic conditions, cooling effects when it is hot and warm when the weather is cold. The main idea and concept behind this clothing is to make you comfortable in all weather conditions. For companies, this will help reduces the rate of absenteeism by employees caused by unpredictable weather thus maintaining the production curve.

Together with providing a solution to working in varying weather conditions, climate control clothes are fashionable.  The clothes are designed in different styles to bring out individuals sense of fashion. The business should manufacture customized clothes on request of customers, to suit individual tastes and preferences.

The need to provide fashionable wear using the current technology to provide solutions both to individuals and corporate organizations led to the idea of climate control clothing as a business venture. The idea furthers main use of clothing to provide a unique quality of clothes.

Product Description

Climate control clothing is a general word used to refer to all types of clothing that are manufactured using special type of fabric. The purpose of using this special fabric to manufacture the clothes is to make clothes that are suitable for wear in different climatic conditions. As the name suggest, climate control clothing helps you adapt in different environments with different climatic conditions. The clothes can be worn by anybody despite their age, gender, size or body weight and shape.

Attire made from the special fabric provides both cooling and warm effects depending on the current climate; this means, you feel cooler when it is hot and warmer when it is cold. Simply, these clothes provide effects similar to an air conditioner keeping your body temperature at a balance.

The special fabric is designed using Nano technology, making the products extremely advanced. Any type of attire can be made from this fabric, including jackets and scarfs. Vests and hats too can be made from this fabric; entire body attire can be manufactured using the special fabric. Climate control clothing should not be ironed and is dirt free bringing a different concept away from traditional clothing. The product brings an entire change in the clothing industry, where designs are incorporated with the latest technology to serve the same purpose.

Value Proposition

The need to have clothes that help people adapt to different climatic conditions exists. Manufacturing clothes using the special fabric technology meets the need of having clothes that help in maintaining body temperature in varying weather conditions. The clothes manufactured need to provide similar solutions to different people, different sizes and designs need to be manufactured. To meet specific individual needs, customization of the clothes should be provided as a service to take care of specific needs.

Climate control clothing provides the solution to children who fall sick during cold seasons and miss school. The same also applies to workers whose productivity lowers and rates of absenteeism rise during periods of harsh climatic conditions. The need to have light worn that can help individuals to withstand different climatic conditions will be met, by manufacturing clothes that are light and easy to clean.

The need will be met through using the Nano fabric technology to manufacture all types of clothes. Clothes that are casual wear and clothes that are office wear will be manufactured using the fabric. Distribution and sales are to be made worldwide to reach out to all continents and provide this unique product.

Business Model

The business idea arises from the need to use technology in designing fashionable wear. There is a general need to have clothes that an individual feels comfortable in and can work efficiently in during all-weather conditions.

During cold weather, people wear heavily in order to keep warm; they also drink hot fluids to maintain body warmth. During extremely hot weather, people wear light clothes in order to keep cool and allow air circulation in their body. The concept of climate control clothing provides a balance to all this using special fabric to design clothes that provide air conditioning solutions. Maintaining a regular body temperature that is recommended at the same time feeling comfy and flexible is the advantage of these clothes.

Due to the need to maintain productivity throughout the year, regardless of the climatic conditions this concept provides a long lasting solution. Fashion embraces technology through the design of clothes that act as air conditioners. The criteria implemented using this concept is the utilization of advanced resources to create long lasting products, moving away from conventional.

Need exists to provide these kind of clothing, this creates need for the product. The technology has not been used widely and being among pioneer companies to manufacture the product gives a competitive advantage.

Market size and Growth

The product has a wide market segment due to its ability to cater for the needs of all individuals. The initial target of climate control clothing is to produce for all kinds of people. The market is large enough to provide profits to the business venture, by targeting all people who wish to dress comfortably under any weather. The business sh.............

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