A Satellite Dish

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Name: Xiong Wei

Course: AAD 251

Instructor: Michael Bukowski

Date: 1th July, 2013

A Satellite Dish

A satellite dish is a dish-shaped parabolic antenna, which reflects the signal mounted on supports at the dish’s focal point. Focal point is a device called feedhorn which gathers the signals at the pivotal point before conducting the signals to a low-noise block down-converter. LNB converts the signals from electromagnetic or radio waves to electrical signals and shifts the signals from the downlinked C-band to the L-band range although direct broadcast satellite dishes use an LNBF, which integrates the feedhorn with the LNBwhich does not use a directed parabolic dish and can be used on a mobile platform such as a vehicle.

Satellite dish is just unique in its kind especially the silvery coating that covers the whole dish. The dish is circular in motion and assumes a geometrical three dimensional shape. The shape of the satellite dish is really impressive and it shows how keen the artist was while creating it. There are small thin line grains, which are almost invisible that move around the disc-like dish. The dish has parabolic shape, which is focused by the cylindrical feedhorn that gathers the signals to the pivotal point of the satellite dish. The dish is very smooth and silvery all over thus giving it the beautiful look admired by anyone who loves beautiful art work. Unless someone pays attention to the satellite dish, it is not possible to ascertain the artistic elements in it. The grey color, the three-dimensional cylindrical feed horn, the straight stand and the circular outline of the dish are just some of the few art elements in it.The smoothness and the grey nature give the dish a look of harmony and peace hence making it looks friendly to the users.  The support of the satellite dish and the dish itself however does not look proportional since the dish is very large and seems bulky compared to the support stand (Johnson 44-60).

The dish is taller than its width and this makes it to look roughly circular and is therefore suitable for use with a standard universal LNB. The large dish has a very narrow focal angle in the horizontal plane for it to reject the signals from other satellites around it and the diameter is 54cm diameter in its width size but 43cm dish lengthwise and this gives it almost complete rejection of its same size. The dish is made of steel material because steel is cheaper than other metals such as copper. At the back of the dish are well-designed metals that are put in an artistic pattern to hold the circular disc, which is mounted on a three-inch diameter pole stand, which makes it resistant from wind. Satellite dish has three arms that support LNB that ensures that it remains at the exact focal point and reduce the risk of damage to the connectors that result from movements due to the strong winds. The dish is also movable and someone can decide may be to go to another house or even change the position of the dish without much difficulty (Johnson 44-60).

The satellite dish’s ability to be adjusted is very unique and plays a very important part when it comes to its usage. For Instance, when the dish is well set such that the elevation and separationsituations arecorrectly put as well as the signal identifierthen an individual can set a dish such that the signal meter is well installed in a half way. The dish can assume different motions just to enable the viewer to get exactly what he wants by moving it to one end such as leftwards then carefullyrevolve it rightwards up to the time the right signal and channel is achieved. The maker of the satellite dish must have had enough knowledge and understanding concerning motions and even the fact that there is need to locate an active signal. This is common especially from a satellite in a geo-stationery orbit, far and far away.Locating the best signal will make a viewer get maximum satisfaction from the gadget. After wonderfully adjusting the strength of the signals to the maximum point, an individual can go through the many available channelsprovided and go finally select the one that fits him best. An individual has the opportunity to get back to the satellite dish and ensure that it is at the right place where it can gather the best signal strength which suits the viewer. In fact, there is no limit on the number of times someone can change or move the satellite dish and this indeed makes it very flexible and interesting to use.

Satellite dish is made in a way that when I need to loosen the elevation bolts for me to gently change the dishes elevation for best signal strength and also adjust the signal finders’ sensitivity to achieve better view. I can always move the dish up and down slowly untilit reaches the best signal strength, which I can view and fix the dish into position, which it fits well because the final position is to fine-tune the best location.

The satellite dish is a three dimensional art that is part of functional art since it is has solved the problem of analogue viewing by providing a nice user friendly wayof viewing many things which has created an aesthetic feature to enjoy by people particularly through blending and complementation of technology. The artist who came up with the idea of satellite dish must have used knowledge of communication and technology and it is evident that the artist collected several pieces of artistic works to create a great blend which presents a combination of great works. Satellite dish is very useful and is one of the best attractive modern objects that represent emerging talent who has worked hard to solve some of the problems facing television viewers. The artist wanted to show his creativity in television viewing and understanding of various elements of arts such as size, shape and texture by creating a huge parabolic shaped satellite dish which is very beautiful to almost every person who sees it from any distance (Scholl 159-165).

The artist strategy was to target the many television viewers audiencewho could not clearly watch their television sets and the viewers who may refuse to watch their television sets simply because they are monotonous and boring. Satellite dish brought a new way of watching televisions in style by making watching interesting and very attractive to the viewers by introducing the clear-crystal look on the TVs. The viewers of the televisions can also watch several programs that they love any time without waiting for the TV channels to control them. Best thing about the satellite technology is that Satellite TV has something for everyone because there is a programming package that is ideal for everyone whether or not an individual using it is a lover of sports, music, comedy, art and culture, news, history, movies.

The satellite dish really appeals to the users by soothing and providing them with what they want in terms of entertainment as well as providing learning and news about different fields. The satellite dish’s design and functions is very appealing to both the old artists and the upcoming artists since it comprises of several combinations of artistic skills such as communication technology and metal works.In some cities, buildings are covered in painted dishes (“art” on the dishes) – to make them more visually appealing when in large numbers. The audience who were targeted by the satellite dish is people who embrace new technology and watching movies and different television programs. It is evident that the audiences are very much happy and contended with the satellite dish due to provision of different programs on the TVs (Scholl 159-165).

The strategies of the inventor of the Satellite dish has been very beneficial to me since I am now able to view TV differently in a very unique and interesting manner. I can now watch many TV programs and even other things such as football and movies through the use of satellite dish.Satellite dish involves an idea derived from diverse subject matters since it involves the way in which TV can be watched in a style. The satellite dish provokes reactions from the audience in the way they receive the various programs they watch. It has introduced new idea, which is important in providing a new way of as well as derivation of ideas from the already existing objects such as TVs that could only show single channels or programs particularly local channels.

I have really gained from the satellite dish because for instance, as a foreign student I am able to watch my home channels through the satellite dish. I also love fashion and the satellite dish has provided me with so many channels that show fashions and designs. I love taking my time watching our local movies and exploring world news via many channels provided by the satellite dish. I am never bored by the variety of shows and programs provided by the satellite dish and the feeling I have towards the satellite idea is that it is my biggest partner who would inform me of any new idea and stories I want. I have come to love athletics and sports generally because of the satellite dish. Satellite dish shows very many sports channels that are very interesting and lovable.

The dish is part of my life especially due to its spectacular shows that reflect the social life and practices of our people. I am able to feel at home and enjoy myself in the foreign country because the satellite dish has provided all the information such as news about my home country.As the time goes by the satellite dish has become increasingly advanced creating the quality of TV viewing and the abundant TV programs make my life colorful. I can relax after a long day work or studies by viewing the most interesting program or movie and this greatly relieve me from stress.  By using the satellite dish, I am capable of shaping my future by watching programs that are very constructive and sharpen my wits particularly in my area of study. What else can do me all these? Watching high definition programs at a lower price because of this spectacular technology of the satellite dish is just amazing and exciting. I feel that all many forms of emotional challenges such as sadness and depression have been minimized by the available programs that are only meant for the purpose of comforting me and I am now living very comfortable life away from home.

The satellite dish must be representational because it was derived perhaps from the television aerials. The satellite dish is based on innovativeness and inventions just like every other electronic. My experience with the dish has largely been influenced by my passion for physics especially waves and signals transmissions. Although the dish may not be enjoyable to everyone especially aesthetically, its contents and make contains a lot of physics knowledge. The assembling of the dish and other c.............

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