A review of “The Global Banquet: Politics of Food” and Movie “Fresh” by Ana Sofia Joanes

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 A review of “The Global Banquet: Politics of Food” and Movie “Fresh” by Ana Sofia Joanes

The current global food system presents a troubling situation where people continually lack nutritious food substances and essential vitamins due to the advent of globalization which has replaced traditional organic farming with unhealthy industry made processed food. In an effort to fix these complex situations, people are enlightened with informative trainings through international conferences, films and documentaries to promote a sustained healthy eating culture in the society.

The movies “The Global Banquet: Politics of Food” and Sophia Joanes’ movie, “Fresh” are such documentary films that have sensitized people to reclaim the traditional farming methods to help fix the existing global food systems. Both movies feature important issues relating to food security, where the main idea is to create awareness on the need to make the right choices when buying food from the market. They also attempt to highlight the solutions they people can use to promote the production of sustained and healthier food in their communities

Sophia Joanes’ movie, “Fresh” is a documentary which highlights the right farming methods through two farmers, Joel Salatin, a self prescribed evangelist and an environmentalist farmer, who owns a polyface farm in Virginia and Will Allen who is an urban farmer who owns a three acre model farm in Milwaukee known as the “Growing Power”. This non profit farming organization demonstrates how a small piece of land can be used to carry out diversified forms of farming that produce healthy food to the community. Will Allen’s farms have a combination of fresh vegetables and herbs, poultry farms, goat pens, beehives as well as fishponds with about 1000 tilapia fish breed.

Using these two farmers, the movie director seeks to show individual members in the society that with combined efforts and absolute commitment from every one, we can achieve a proper healthy food system, which can lead to a healthier community. The movie shows the viewers about the cost incurring processes involved to produce healthier food which reflects in their prices making them seem to be a bit more expensive than the processed food

On the other hand, the movie “The Global Banquet: Politics of Food” is a resourceful documentary which exposes the damaging effects of global industrialization to the food systems in our societies today. It shows how individual groups such as students, church groups, environmentalists, animal right activists, laborers and farmers are coming together to collectively search for solutions to address the problem within the current food systems in an effort to adopt standard healthy living.

This movie is a two parts series in whic.............

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