A Review of Hotels in Jacmel Haiti

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A Review of Hotels in Jacmel Haiti


There is no doubt that Haiti remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The recent earthquake catastrophe notwithstanding, this country will give you some of the most scenic and breathtaking sights you have ever seen. From the mountains to the sandy beaches and their culture, this is the place to visit and therefore you need to research into the hotels in Jacmel Haiti for your own good.

Jacmel is a city that is located in the southern side of the Isle of Haiti and its sights are breathtaking. One will be able to see the Caribbean ocean from the windows of most of these hotels and the nearby mountains that make the scenery out of this world. People also love watching the sun rise and set on this horizon and it is awesome to look at.

This city is also one of the most popular when it comes to aspects of French music and culture. You will enjoy rare French cuisine in these hotels and this will be an awesome experience. They also have kept other cultures like the African and aboriginal cultures and traditions in the city and you will enjoy immensely experiencing them. They are as much a part of Jacmel as the buildings are.

The city is also full of great shopping malls where you can shop for clothes and rare jewelry especially if you like French fashion. This makes for a good pastime when you are not on the beaches soaking in the rich sandy waters or running up and down the beautiful shores that make great spectacular beauty. Most people love to go there for their honeymoon as it is romantic and quiet.

People also love to book accommodations to attend the numerous celebrations in the city such as the carnival, mother’s day, Independence Day, the birth of Toussaint L’ouverture day, and the Haitian flag day. During these celebrations, one can collect rare artifacts and get to enjoy beautiful music from all the cultures that make up the nation. This is a rare experience and everyone should look forward to it.

Among the most popular hotels in the Jacmel city is the Cap Lamandou hotel that provides scenic views of the beaches and the mountains behind. The Hotel Cyvadier is also a hot favorite with many tourists because of the unique way in which it is built and how people get to enjoy the ocean in all its beauty. Hotel le Rendez-vous is also beautiful and quiet and here you will get a peaceful getaway from all the hustle of the city.

The lavish and stylish Hotel Florita is where you will need to book in if you intend to enjoy the Haitian art and culture to the fullest. If you are looking for bed and breakfast accommodations the Hotel Kabic Beach club and the Villa Nicole Jacmel hotels are some of the best places to be.

The Hotel L’Amitie is also quite beautiful and scenic because you will be able to have a panoramic view of the ocean from there and it also offers bed and breakfast packages. Hotels in Jacmel Haiti are special and this is what you must be looking for on your honeymoon or holiday getaways.

An Analysis of Hotels in Jacmel Haiti


Haiti is one of the most visited places by international and local tourists. This is because they have amazing sights to behold. Their attracting sites involve the tall mountains, sandy beaches and their rich culture. It is a very good destination for you. Once you have decided to go there, you can book the hotels in Jacmel Haiti for quality services.

Jacmel is strategically placed at the southern part of the Isle of Haiti. This city’s sites are just magnificent. This is especially because one can see the Caribbean ocean through the windows of the hotels. When you look at it the mountains, the scenery is so mind blowing. You would love it if you observe the sunrise and its setting on the horizon.

This place is also known for French culture and music. When you visit the hotels in the town, you will be served some of the sporadic French cuisines. It will be an unusual experience in your entire life. Make sure to have a look at their cultures that include the African and aboriginal traditions which are really entertaining.

Do not leave the city without shopping in their malls. They have amazing French fashion of clothing and rare jewels. This will work for you perfectly if you had wished to wear something with a French aspect. Have sweet moments at the beach as you soak your legs in the sandy waters view the outstanding beauty. It is the best destination for a honeymoon or a holiday.

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