A review of “Book War” by Wang Ping

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A review of “Book War” by Wang Ping





This is a short story by Wang Pingdetailing his reading interests in classics in 1960s. The detailed incident took place in the 1960s during the intense “Cultural Revolution” in China. The government under Cultural Revolution banned people from reading books and going to school. People, in turn, opted to read secretly. The voice in the story secretly exchanged books with her neighbor (girl), and this was done at night. On realization that her daughter engaged herself in secret readings, she banned the book and buried them. Tireless, at twilight, the author continued with the war on books by retelling classic stories to relations, friends and making of stories of his own.

The story is an illustration of the power of regime in banning readings in a country. It is unaccepted for the government to ban schools and books. According to the government by then,.............

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