A Response to the film Encounters at the End of the World by Werner Herzog

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A Response to the film Encounters at the End of the World by Werner Herzog

Presented in form of a documentary, the film Encounters at the End of the World by Werner Herzog stands out as one of the most incisive presentations of human lifestyles and activities going on at the Antarctica. The film is written and directed by Werner Herzog with the assistance of Henry Kaiser and Phil Fairclough in the direction. The music is played by Henry Kaiser and David Lindley. Other contributors include Peter Zeitlinger in charge of cinematography, Joe Binj who is the editor, and Anrea Meditch, Eric Nelson, and Dave Harding who are all in the production team. The film was distributed by Revolver Entertainment and Image Entertainment of the United Kingdom alongside Discovery Films and THINKfilm of the United States.

Generally, it is a visit to the Antarctica with the intention of getting a view into the lifestyles of people living there; thus, as is tradition of producing films in the Antarctica, Herzog’s case avails a variation that is distinctively different. Instead of merely covering the animals and weather conditions, he finds a way of intertwining the hopes of the individuals living there alongside the landscape they dwell in with the prevalent advantages and disadvantages of the same.

It is worth noting that most of the film has adventure relating to these lifestyles and interviews with individuals living in the region that belong to different professions. The first of these begins at McMurdo Station where the team’s first group of interviewees comprise of Douglas McAyeal who happens to be a geologist and maintenance personnel of various who also work there. Besides exposing various verities about geology, these interviews show us the type of events these individuals encoun.............

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