A report indicating what you have done, and how AJAX can be applied to your finance major and/or work

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A report indicating what you have done, and how AJAX can be applied to your finance major and/or work

AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a web technique that is made up of several programmes that are client side based. This means they work on the side of the user to create asynchronous applications that allow for effective functioning of a server (Zammetti, 2006). It allows for the computer to send and receive data and information without interfering with what is displayed on the display page. AJAX can be easily combined with HTML and CSS for better performance.

AJAX can help in increasing the rate at which information is transferred from a client to a business and vice versa. When it comes to finance, information is very important because it is used to improve on records and methods to analyze data. This is achieved because of the Asynchronous feature of the programme allows for a server to make a request to the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http), this allows for the information to be received as there are other activities going on in the front page (Zammetti, 2006). The following are some of the ways in which AJAX can be used to ease social, academic and commercial activities that affect us daily:

  • It makes it easier to login to pages; these may be pages that have academic or commercial related information. This is because instead of the tiresome process of looking for these pages and how to log in, AJAX offers the option of inputting the name and the password. This is the same as what is used for an email or to log in to twitter.
  • It allows for auto complete of the websites that one is looking for. This helps when one is not .............

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