A Refreshing Apple

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A Refreshing Apple




Brands that have been able to capture the hearts of many users worldwide, and likewise those that have managed to build a strong brand names, brand recognition, and differentiation worldwide are also countable. Apple Inc is one of such companies that, not only has a strong brand name, brad recognition and differentiation, the brand boost of being one the few that have worn hearts globally.  In fact, the following this brand enjoys could qualify it for a cult, or just a religion. The running was not always smooth for Apple Inc. In fact at one time the brand was at the brink of slipping into the oblivion. It took undying effort of the late Steve Jobs and his team to resuscitate the brand and raise it to glory it enjoys currently. Every brand needs unique characteristic or practices that distinguish it from its competitors (Bedbury, & Fenichell, 2003). Such practices are collectively referred to as best practices. Steve jobs and his team introduced unbeatable unique best practices that that pulled the brand away from the jaws of an anticipating oblivion to the skies of glory (Bedbury, & Fenichell, 2003).  The unbeatable apple brad practices include unique product design, marketing and commercial strategies and unique retail approaches.


The apple brand instituted a strong reputation of being a design-driven and pioneering brand offering varied services and products.  According to Abraham & Taylor (2009) the corporate brand houses that soul and body of the enterprise and main communication from this company uses this corporate brand. Various sub-brands are used to distinguish individual product lines. Apple has various unbeatable product designs in various product lines. The product lines include Macintosh computers, laptops, phones, ipods, and ipads (KIrwan, 2011).

Macintosh computers and laptops

The design of Macintosh is a excellent example of design supporting brand.  The initial Macintosh computer bore no resemblance to the bulky IBM of the days. The brand set forth with unique designs and software to boot, from the word go. The smooth feel of Mac OS X distinguishes the brand from other brands (Spence, 2002a). The design of hardware alongside software gives this computer an age over rivals such as dell, and Compaq.  In fact, other brands owe their popularity to Microsoft and have no unique identity their customer can identify with. The Apple laptops just like the mac computers have a unique distinctive design with clean, smooth white or silver finish.

iPod and iTunes

According to KIrwan (2011) the iPod and iTunes change the way people consumed music. The iPod is rectangle and pocket-sized which makes it conveniently portable as compared to other portable musical devices such as CD and Tape walkmans.  The iPods outshine its Window counterpart as a result of its hardware unique compatibility with iTunes and Mac OS.


Kirwan (2011) the iPhone change the way people use their phones. The pocket size rectangle design of the iPhone is as unique as that of the iPod.


Although Apple was never popular for creating tablets, its introduction of the iPad in 2010 to the market by storm.  Within a year of its introduction, Apple Inc has sold over 15 million pieces of the iPad tablet.

Brand innovations

The Apple brand continually strengthens the customers’ royalty due to its designs that are aesthetically pleasing with convenient functionality.  The designs precisely meet the user’s needs.  From the clean, smooth whit finish of its laptops and unique rectangle pocket size design of its iPhones and iPods (KIrwan, 2011), Apple’s commitment to undying effort to create beautiful designs for it users has earned it their loyalty. The customers understand the company and the company understands them.


Creating brand Awareness

The brand messages strongly support the Apple Company. For instance, the Apple logo is distinct, and can be easily identified by users or consumers since they can easily identify the apple symbol in the logo and link it to the Apple Brand (Linzmayer, 2004).  Apple has managed to create a unique brand recognition among it is customer due to outstanding brand massages.  A visit to the brands website would certainly shape your opinion of the brand. First time visitors to this website get an impression of what apple is all about.  The site is easily navigable and sticks away from.............

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