A Reflection Essay For A Sustainability EventA Reflection Essay For A Sustainability Event

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A Reflection Essay For A Sustainability Event

The world has significantly changed. We do not reside in a universe that is somewhat void of human life and their artifacts. We now reside in a universe where humans are significantly changing our ecological life systems into hugely uneven and spiritually lethal economies. Our previous systems of life were developed in a void universe. If we are to establish sustainable progress, if we strive to better human living standards and social inclusion, while at the same time considerably minimizing the environmental vulnerabilities and ecological scarcities, then we deserve a new approach of the economy and its correlation with the other parts of the world that is used to the new conditions that face us better. We will need economics that give deference to terrestrial borders, that recognizes the reliance of man on social equity and relations, and which understands that the eventual aim is a sustainable, real human life, not only development in property intake. It should recognize that the economy is entrenched in a culture and society that a re part of an ecological system of support, and economies cannot expand forever on such a finite globe.

That time has come when peoples from all kinds of life must make a change. We have scarce decisions to make. Our current approach at the moment is obviously unsustainable. Paul Raskin asserts that “contrary to the conventional wisdom, it is business as usual that is the utopian fantasy; forging a new vision is the pragmatic necessity” (Paul, 2002). But indeed we got a choice regarding how to ignite a change and how the anticipated new world would be like. We could participate in multinational discussions to shape the future we anticipate and then set the foundation for real strategies to guide us there, or we could seat and relax and give way to the system we have at the moment to crumple then begin construction from a far fetched location.

Re-inventing the wheel and persistent approaches towards our current strategies pose a threat to human life on this planet and it is not an alternative. In this planet over consumption by huge income groups spares less or nothing to low income earners hence not promoting the life’s of humans. A lot of these treacherou.............

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