A Recreation Program for a Therapeutic Patient

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A Recreation Program for a Therapeutic Patient














Contextual Environment

The category of the organization, which I am establishing a curative recreational course is Moses Montefiore home located in Randwick. This association handles supported living for persons with or those not having disabilities. The elderly in this association have right of entry to care provided they encompass are physically handicapped.

Philosophy of Organization

The philosophy of the association is quality of life as well as promoting values. The aspects of quality of life are solitude, poise, comfort, purposeful competences, self-sufficiency, religious and culture welfare, enjoyment, independence, connections, security and lastly significant activities that assist residents to perk up their progresses and their emotions.


In addition, their supporting principles are distinction in care, solidarity, respect, expressive sustenance, nonstop growth, education and staff increase, investigation and best practice, discussion, society, safe surroundings and corporate.

Mission of Organization

The overriding mission of this association is to augment the superiority of the life of the elderly Jewish society, by giving an outstanding standard of service along with care, and boosting the affluence of the Jewish civilization and custom. Following an investigation by social scientists, the verdicts incorporated that a majority of the Jews who are elderly suffer several physical disabilities, which instigated their life doomed. In line with this research, a number of non-Governmental organizations worked out better methods of tackling the troubles of the elderly. Among these strategies comprises of setting up of supported living homes aiming the disabled and elderly Jews. The Jewish society advocates for supporting one another being a Christian civilization with numerous accounts of Jesus Christ (Judith, 1993).

Client Group Served

The Montefiore quarter is for elderly people having or not having disabilities plus they encompass divisions that rely on their capability of moving and performing things. The association gets its customers from the civilization where well wishers tender them to the association. After welcoming this people, analysis is the initial step to institute whether they have any additional difficulty excluding the physical disability.


Montefiore home has established set unique goals to direct everybody in the association in to a direction of attaining the set goals. The Montefiore association has a viewpoint of care centered on capitalizing on the inhabitants’ quality of life. The goal of restorative recreation experts is to encourage chances for articulateness; sense of belonging; social communication; fine or unpleasant motor abilities; sensory inspiration; exploitation of the imaginative skills; build self-worth; cognitive stimulation; focus dexterity and sense of accomplishment.

Resources (Human/Material/Technological)

The materials along with technical resources are exact for every activity. They consist of Craft tools, paint brushes, manuscripts, scissors, trimmings and glue. The music-instruments consist of (piano and violin); CD recorder and song book. There are as well numerous other resources, for example, table game; scrabble, as well as, quiz-questions. Undeniably, the activity surrounding is a space established that does not have throw traffic; the category and layout of seating around a table, horseshoe chairs; tools establishment (basin mats and chairs, design of the table paraphernalia, piano with regard to partakers); employment of music CD recorders and players and the musical category.

The Corporate Culture

The personnel of Montefiore home gets refresher classes whether specialized or not. Most of the elderly persons subsist differently from a normal person’s life, where a majority of them have several exceptional needs commencing with diet (Ian & Hetherington, 2010). The association’s managing structures, policies and processes and promoting values centers on delivering the components concerned with value of life. The value of life of each occupant in Montefiore habitat is the primary main concern in any process and curriculum of the association. Everyone who is dedicated to supporting these citizens must put up with the directives set to attain the objectives of the organization. To attain these objectives, well-wishers contribute goodies for assisting the programs.

The Montefiore association presents music analysts, dancers, performers, and nurses who maintain and assist the elderly all through the activities. The objective of the activities, which therapeutic recreation experts do is to uphold chances for lucidity; sense of belonging; societal relations; fine or gross motor expertise; sensory motivation; exploitation of the imaginative skills; build self-worth; cognitive motivation; focus skills and sense of attainment. In truth, the activity plan centers on the residents’ requirements and their civilization of Jewish background.

Montefiore activity strategy accesses the member appropriateness and interest from societal profile, as well as, care plan. In addition, they attempt to classify the inhabitants’ actions as well as notify them of laws, demonstrate the appropriate activities, skills and absorption abilities of the inhabitants. In this association, there is a schedule with dates and time for the Jewish fiesta festivities. The Sound operation system in the Lounge room has a precise design. This design in the room has three diverse directions. The sound emerging from the presenter is capable of reaching the residents.

The home encompasses five floors; the primary floor is utilized in laundry and cooking activities. The following floor is utilized as being the reception area and management offices. The third floor is an amalgamation of a boarding house and special treatment for those customers having horrible behaviors. The fourth floor encompasses a treatment home where all sicknesses diagnosis and individual treatment by nurses along with Doctors are offered. The last floor is a boarding house where assistance depending on gender is given to the inhabitants. At different instances, the inhabitants discuss the sixth floor that materializes like an unreal floor for the deceased occupants (Anker, 2001). For example, when an occupant passes away, the members articulate that the person has travelled to the sixth floor.

The Management Plan for the Case Study

Management issues

Environment selection and structure

The hospital is designed to sustain and facilitate state-of-the-art medication and knowledge, patient wellbeing, and standard patient care, and also to host the patient, relatives, and caregivers in a psycho-socially accommodating therapeutic environment. The characteristic of the substantial environment in which a client receives care influences patient outcomes, patient fulfillment, patient wellbeing, staff effectiveness, staff happiness, and organizational outcomes. Therefore, a healthcare setting is therapeutic when it supports clinical fineness in the cure of the physical body and produces assessable positive influences on patients’ medical outcomes and staff efficiency. Montefiore home is situated in a storey building which has five floors in Montefiore home; the first base is for laundry and kitchen where tidiness and food preparation takes place. The next floor is for reception and management offices. The third storey is an arrangement of a hostel and individual care for those patients with the worst conducts. The fourth floor contains a tending home where all ailments identification and individual healing are taken care of by nurses and Doctors (Anker, 2001).

Quality management (monitoring, assessment, action, follow up and feedback)

The information of the patient whom I attended to was called Julie, who was 92 years old born on, 20th October 1919. The patient is currently not obtaining any advanced care from other doctors but previously stayed at Montefiore home. Julie suffered from a fractured arm and consequently her movement was reduced and, therefore, required assistance in showering and use of toilets. Julie moved .............

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