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  1. What strategies could you use to influence levels of exercise within a community close to where you live?

Exercising keeps people involved physically which significantly improves their wellbeing and maintain physical fitness. In order to maintain healthy individuals in a community, exercise levels must be improved. Several strategies can be employed to influence the exercise levels.

The public should be educated on the health benefits of exercising. This could be done by conducting campaigns that promote awareness on the benefits of exercising. Banners and flyers could also be printed and placed at strategic places such as notice boards for public viewing. People should be encouraged to walk to work and to shop, and only use automobiles when it is necessary. They should also take evening walks around their home compounds, which is anexcellent way to unwind. A walking trail around the park in the community could be built so as to encourage people to walk. They should also be encouraged to visit the gym more often and follow the schedule strictly. This way, the public gets informed on the health benefits of exercising and the risk factors associated with lack of exercise. A person’s behavior and health is not only influenced by internal biological factors, but also by the external factors in the social and physical environment(Barkway 2009).

In the practical sense, I would conduct a research on the effects of lack of e.............

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