A proposal to improve the health insurance program for international students at ASU

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Date: October 19, 2012

Subject: A proposal to improve the health insurance program for international students at ASU


Purpose —————————————————————————————————- 2

The Problem with Current health insurance coverage———————————————– 2

A Solution to the Problem ——————————————————————————–3

Reaching an Audience————————————————————————————-3

Appropriate type of research —————————————————————————–4








I am writing to propose a solution to a health insurance coverage problem in my institution. The problem is that the current policy stipulates that, each student must take the insurance offered in the institution unless student have an insurance from their government or their scholarship and not every student is able to access the scholarship. Students who do not have scholarship get health insurance for free from the government. The foreign students who have the scholarship are restricted from accessing the free health insurance from the government because scholarship should give their students health insurance. The health insurance program offered with the scholarship is not as good as the free health insurance of the government. Scholarship should give insurance coverage which is as good as the government insurance. The insurance cost about $1000 per semester, and dose not cover as much. However, “ASU” don’t have any other insurance plan option.

The Problem with Current health insurance coverage

The issue with this current policy is that some international students have neither government assistance nor scholarships to supplement their incomes. Those students cannot afford to pay in excess of the required $1000 in insurance cost each semester to adhere to the strict health care requir.............

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