A Project On Corporation And Security Of Staff Devices

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A Project On Corporation And Security Of Staff Devices

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Literature Review.. 3

(a)         The Project Research Problem.. 3

(b)         The aim of the Research. 4

Research Methodologies. 5

(a)         Findings. 5

Conclusion. 7

References. 8


In the past, people could only use computers owned and managed by a company, and no one would think of lugging in their personal computers (PC) to use within the company. However, today, many things are quite different, where there is an increased number of people using smart phones which has become faster and cheaper. The use of these handheld devices by the staffs within an organization have provided services as well as, constant connectivity especially to the mobile workers in spite of all these presenting new threats to the corporate assets (Mitchell, 2004).

Literature Review

(a)    The Research Problem

The staff personal devices are causing ongoing concern for most companies for information security.  There are sensitive corporate information which can easily be transported as well as lost; however, the use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has led to an increase number of expensive security incidents. The main problem in this case is that, most corporation up to date are still relying on the staff personal devices such as smart phones and personal laptop for business, however these devices fails to have the same security level than those of the company. As a result, this paper will discuss on the use of personal devices within the corporate and the security issues associated with the topic (Burke, 2006).

The use of staff personal devices is growing dramatically and affecting the corporate of all sizes. The research showed that about 93% of the staffs have mobile devices that connect to the corporate networks and 67% allow personal devices to connect to corporate networks. It is also evident that the staff personal devices are causing challenges especially for the corporate IT (Mitchell, 2004). Among the companies which allowed personal devices on their networks reported that the staff uses their own smart phones, tablets and other devices to work with business information, which caused issues. The most common challenge faced by the IT corporate who allowed the staff to use  personal devices include, the security issues regarding the corporate information, tracking and controlling access to corporate and private networks, the managing personal devices containing  the corporate as well as personal data and applications.

(b)   The aim of the Research

. The research aims in understanding the various risks issues that are brought upon by using personal devices in organization.

  • Significance of the Research

Most staff often feels comfortable using their own devices as opposed to using the corporate machines. In the United States of America, about 46% of the businesses are today allowing their staffs to use personally owned PCs. Indeed many researchers such as the information technology research and advisory company continue reporting that in future employers will require their employees to supply their own devices to be used for business purposes. Today, the significance of using personal computers is mainly focusing on the choice as well as the convenience for the employees and cost savings for the employers. Most corporate rely on the staffs’ personal devices because they cause a significant time shift in the working behavior of the employees (Burke, 2006). However, some corporate who allows staffs to carry their personal devices such as smart phones in the company have become successful in one way or another. For example, the devices enable the people to conveniently send as well as reply to the emails at any time, and from any location. Personal devices have enabled catching up on emails to be quite easy. It has also suited the staffs given that an outstanding task can now be quickly dealt with while managers on the other hand can obtain prompt responses to their enquiries.

The other benefit of using personal devices such as smart phones in corporate is that, the users will find the devices o be always at hand as compared to big machines implemented within the o.............

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