A Princess of Mars

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A Princess of Mars













Prince of mars is comparable to many other books written in the 19th century. The novel begins with the author discovering a manuscript and remembering his uncle’s memory. Burroughs has used the instrument well to create the legendary of John Cater and later goes direct into the story. The first chapter elaborates John Cater’s journey to mass. He discovers that he is stronger than most people in Mars are. Here Burroughs has portrayed John Cater as a strong character physically who can use his muscles to challenge almost anything (Burroughs, 2010).

Burroughs has used a lot of time describing the outside world and this makes current readers complain that the author is dumping senseless information. There is no need for the reader to complain because this style was even useful in history. At the end of chapter one, John cater falls in love after meeting the princess of mars Dejah Thoris.  Burroughs has portrayed John cater as an extraordinary person who is strong and has fallen in love with the princess of mars. Burroughs has portrayed John Cater as an extraordinary person with superior strength, very attractive, intelligent and has problem solving skills. This makes him extraordinary and that there is nothing he cannot do in mars. “It appears as God created Cater from 20 natural people and cater knows how to take advantage of his gift” (Burroughs, 2010). He has established a strategy to transverse in the low gravity of mars. He uses his knowledge of civil war battle in fighting the aliens of different races. The green color of people in mars does not amaze him. John Cater learns to speak alien language despite coming from earth. He was familiar with English as his only language.

It is not shocking that he conquered the conviction of the people around him. He considers the few people who do not like him as evil. The reader knows that Cater will punish them using his sword. The other part of the story is a narration of uniting Carter with Thoris. The two couples separate on the second chapter and the author focuses on bringing them together again (Burroughs, 2010). The author is a leader who leads good aliens against evil aliens. It is interesting to understand that there are honorable aliens as well as evil aliens.

The book is very interesting and world building even though aliens appear more like humans. This is not a failure because most books followed that suit during that time. The author has used the characters consistently hence, the reader cannot stop following the story.

John Cater is a mysterious man from Virginia and a captain who fought in the civil war on the confederate side. During the end of the war, he went looking for gold in Arizona and apaches attacked him. He went to mars miraculously to search for gold. “John Cater disappeared for nine years in mars and people on earth thought that he was dead”.  He stunned people when he appeared to settle in a house adjacent to Hudson River. Later he dies and leaves a manuscript for Burroughs, which refers to Cater as his uncle. John leaves his nephew with a manuscript that he is not supposed to publish for anther 21 years. “Cater claims that he does not remember his life before the age of 30 and he has never aged”. He is skilled with a lot of strategy including firearms and weapons.  He is physically attractive, with black hair and gray eyes. He is a honorable man courageous and very positive thinking in the inside.

The novel is full of sword fighting and it is an example of 20th century fiction. It is also an example of romantic mars play with science fantasy (Burroughs, 2010). The begging chapters of the book contain western elements. The setting of the story is in Mars and is comparable to a dying desert with harsh conditions. “Mars vision has connections to the works of an astronomer known as Lowell whose ideas were very popular in the 19th and 20th century”. This book became an inspiration to scientist who wanted to discover life out of earth. The novel is a science fan.............

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