A Portrait of Low-Income Migrants in Contemporary Qatar

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A Portrait of Low-Income Migrants in Contemporary Qatar


This essay is about a review of an article. It begins by explaining how the author chose the article and how he located it. The method of the review of the article is also described. The author proceeds to describe the purpose of the article and the research questions used in the essay. The research method and the research design are also focused on with the author explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the designs. The meaning of the article is also discussed, the essay concludes with a statement of the author’s position on the low income migrant issues.


I chose the article ‘Portrait of Low-Income Migrants in Contemporary Qatar’ since it deals with the issues that are real in the area. Unlike other articles, this article introduces the topic of research with background of the research. The article is well developed with ideas well clarified and with a systematic flow that do not require a reader to seek further explanation. I located the article during my regular article research in the on-line library. Its availability and simplicity in language is what led me to reviewing the article.The purpose of the review was to grasp the author’s ideas and logic. I did the review firstly by skimming through then deep reading.I did this keenly and efficiently while noting the important ideas that were described in the article. I also reviewed it by reading other reader’s reviews on the same articles.


The purpose of this article was to inform the reader on the issue the migrants face while they work in Qatar. The article’s objective was to research on the real situation that the migrants live in. it does this by doing survey on the immigrants. The survey asks precise questions about the way they live, their income, living standards, country of origin and how they ended up in Qatar. These questions depict the portrait of the migrants in Qatar.

This article used several questions in order to meet its objectives. The first research question that was investigated was the basic characteristic of the low income earners in Qatar. This was done by visiting the migrants in camps where the situation was assessed. The second research question aimed at answering on how the migrants obtained work in Qatar. The final question aimed at assessing the roles of ethnicity, religion and nationality in determination of the various experiences the mig.............

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