A Political View of Panama

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A Political View of Panama

DHL is an internal company with presence in over 220 countries across the world. It has a workforce exceeding 285,000 employees. The company is part of the world’s leading postal and logistics Group, Deutsche Post DHL and encompasses three divisions: DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight and DHL Supply Chain. It specializes on express deliveries worldwide, warehousing services, international mail deliveries and customized and specialized shipping. To further its coverage into panama, it will be noble for DHL to understand the political climate in that country by looking at the history, current socio-political and economic scenarios (Zimbalist and Weeks 42).

Panama borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is between Colombia and Costa Rica. This nation in Central America proclaimed its independence from Colombia in 1903. The country was first settled by the Spanish in the 16th century and broke away from Spain in 1821 to join the Republic of Gran Colombia. It later seceded from Colombia in 1903 and signed the famous Panama Canal Zone Treaty. Panama is divided into nine provinces of Bocas del Toro, Coclé, Colón, Chiriquí, Darién, Herrera, Los Santos, Panama and Veraguas (Sabrina, 2014).

The population consists as mestizo and Amerindian ethnic groups with popular languages being Spanish which is official and English. Religion forms a key feature with 94% of the population being Christians. According to the recent (2014) records, the population numbered 3,608,431 with 75% being urban.

The public power emanates from the people and is exercised by three bodies: legislative, executive, and judicial. The President is both the head of state and head of government in a multi-party system. The government exercises executive power and the legislative power is vested in both the government and the National Assembly. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. The election are ca.............

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