A Persuasive Essay And My Greatest Accomplishment

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A Persuasive Essay And My Greatest Accomplishment

A narrative essay retells a story of a personal life or an experience. The narrative is written in the author’s point of view and the sensory details provided in this essay impacts feelings and emotion to the reader. The author can write about his past experience and connect it to the current or the present

An Argument /A persuasive essay are essays that have a goal to convince a reader about a topic, normally a topic that involves giving a personal opinion and the reader must believe it. The argument uses solid evidence, and gives logic and sound reasoning. The reader must agree and adapt to your argument. An example of a persuasive essay is a petition.

Expository essay requires one to investigate, to generate, to collect and to evaluate a topic and set argument regarding the topic. It can be achieved by comparing and contrasting, analysis of effects and cause and more. The essay is short in length and involves less research. Expository essays are normally used for test writing for instance the GRE and the GED.

A descriptive essay has many adjectives that describe and portray impression on the topic. This essay uses details to give a picture of a person, a place, an event a debate or an object. The descriptive essay .............

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