A Personally Delivered Letter And A Memo

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A Personally Delivered Letter And A Memo


A personally delivered letter or an email sent to the trapped miners’ families. 1

A memo to all company employees regarding the mine accident. 2

A personally delivered letter or an email sent to the trapped miners’ families

Dear Mrs. (insert surname)

Following today’s, August 5, 2010, tragic accident at one of our gold and copper mines near Copiapo, the management and Board of Directors of Minera San Esteban Company would like to formally inform you that one of the video cameras we had threaded underground has captured images of the miners and we are relieved to inform you that they are all in good health. As you might have been made aware by the media, the mine in which your (husband, son) was working in caved in and in the process 33 of our workers were trapped inside an underground chamber 2,300 feet under the surface. Fortunately, as I have stated they are all alive and in good health. Your son/husband along with the rest of the trapped miners has even sent us a message to confirm that they are in good health.

Since we are not aware of how long they can survive with limited water, food, and oxygen, every concerted effort is being made to rescue them at the earliest time possible. We would like to reiterate that we are working together with all the government rescue services and other local organizations for a faster rescue of all our thirty three employees trapped underground. As a result of this accident, we have closed the San Jose mine and suspended work in other mines in order to concentrate on the rescue mission. Rescue teams are at this point drilling holes underground to locate the miners.

We would also like to inform you that your husband/son and his colleagues have fared on bravely and shown great courage under the circumstances. In their communication to us, they have stated how they were finally able to dig a channel underground using light vehicles and an excavator.

At this point, we would like to assure you that the company with the assistance of the government and other rescue organizations are doing their very best to ensure that your husband/son is brought to the surface as safely and quickly as possible. We understand that this is indeed a difficult time for your family and the rest of the community. However, understand that we are also undergoing the same emotional anxieties and difficulties since they are also our employees with.............

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