A personal Response Essay, Advice to my son, Peter Minekie

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A personal Response Essay, Advice to my son, Peter Minekie

The poem” advice to my son” is one of the best examples of father’s advice to his son.Every father gives some advices to his young one, when he enters in his practical life. Every one seeks advice from his elders throughout his life especially in unique moments of life(Mienke).

“Advice to my son” is the perfect example that not always old sayings are correct and impact positively in today’s life. Every period has its own requirements, own demands, and not always old saying are correct such as when the author advises his son to choose a wife after he meets the wife’s mother(Mienke).

In line 17, he says” Marry a girl after seeing her mother”. There are a number of assumptions made by the author while advising to his son. After evaluating all of his assumptions, I realized none of them to be valid. I observe all these statements are general assumptions passing generation by generation. The author says if you want to know about a girl meet the mother first she will explain how the girl will be at her age since she gave birth to the girl(Mienke).

In line 11-18, the author advises his son to keep the beautiful things good food, wife, and job in his life and to sustain thosemore than his life, as, a balanced life will keep him happy and alive. The author has given excellent advice to her son, by keeping beautiful and good things in his life and to take care of them wisely, however, the assumption he has made for marrying agirl that meet her mother before getting married is totally wrong as he says if the mother is beautiful in that age, the girl will be the same as her.

I disagree with the assumption as every human being has its own physical and internal strength. There is no guarantee that if the father has lived till age 90 yet firm, the son will also get the same age. The same formula applies to the girlthat it is not necessary that if the mother still looks lively and beautiful at the age of 60, the girl will also get the same.

The author uses lots of practical and imaginary assumption while making the advice to his son for the better life.There is a very small distinction between spending lives to its maximum potential, yet crapulent(Mienke).

At the same time, one must keep a good balance between spending a good life, and executing long range.

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