A novel way that a risk has been controlled in a project

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A novel way that a risk has been controlled in a project

A coherent and well-structured risk management strategy provides an approach to identifying managing and accessing risk. It helps factor in the process for assessment based on new actions and developments which are taken and updated regularly. A strategy for risk management can be implemented and developed by the smallest of projects or groups into a strategy that are complicated for organizations that have multi-site natures.

The Cleveland based Baldwin Water Works established in 1856 is a water treatment facility that is ranked among the 10 largest water treatment facilities in Cleveland, It comprises of four water treatment facilities which serves the residents with over 500 million gallons of water through its water treatment facilities. Due to its aging developments the facility needed drastic improvements and renovations. It is in this regard that the city in 1996 began a (PEP) plant enhancement program approximately at 750 million dollars as a way of guaranteeing the facilities were of high quality and cost effective.

Theycontracted construction and design teams’ which, had to address the challenge of renovation at the facilities construction at a resulting cost in the possible lowest water rates. They were also tasked with finding ways of minimizing costs of maintenance and future operations, while taking all possible future scenarios into account. In addition they had to find ways that they could keep the facility operational while the construction occurred. This presented a challenge since, it forced the construction workers to work extra during the months that the city needed the least water,while during the months that the demand was high they ensure no inconvenience of power outages occurred.

Maintenance of the historical structure during the buildings modernization was another issue they had to deal with since the project was occurring simultaneously that is the facilities modernization and restoration. The challenge was on the layout of the facilities that is since most of the construction occurring bordered the currently used water reservoir and this hindered the preparation and delivery of the materials on the site, this forced them to be moved far from the site due to the sensitive environment nature of the reservoir and it presented a challenge on the time sensitive project.

The innovative ways that the project team handled the above problems includedimplementing plans that involved prioritizing and mapping out issues in the facility that needed improvements. They achieved this through, the evaluations conducted by the facility planning consultants on the current identified scope of work and existing structures for the projects under the advice of the MWH. They also commissioned through the project teams professional designs that helped in providing detailed contract bid documents and designs.

In addition the involvement of Cleveland land commission as renovation experts on the water systems historic parts helped in effectivelyrecognizing the first part of the project which, not only helped speed up the project but also saved the 1920 constructed historic land mark by emphasizing the need to preserve its architectural features.

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