A newcomer in this context is a person

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A newcomer in this context is a person who has just joined an organization and is not yet familiar with the surroundings and the people around them. These kinds of people are often viewed differently by the other people already in that place, they are often faced with the challenge of how they will socialize and get to know their colleagues, the kind of experience they will need to advance and how they will finally settle-in, in their new environment. Rhetoric expertise as proposed by Beverly, J. (2002), comes in in a work place because convincing people that you are the best in the particular thing that you do will lead them to believe you are the best and thus gain position not because you really are the best.

Susan Katz, (1998), says that power is defined differently by the males who would rather take the traditional definition of authority invested in someone but the females define it as, ‘the capacity to produce change.’ The feminist focus on an intrapersonal definition of power; a more correct way of defining power without any confusion on the subject. Confusion in the definition of power could arise through discussions of influence, a word that has four uses in literature including, a subset of power, equivalent term to both power and authority, a function of authority and a word that contains all power, Bacharach and Lawler, (1980).

Rhetorical expertise in this excerpt shall be taken as the ‘awareness of the basic concerns of audience and purpose; successful strategies for invention. Representation of knowledge cannot be separated from the knowledge itself, but the rhetoricians, according to Beverly, do not separate their rhetorical practice from the technical expertise. Rhetorical expertise however produces knowledge and understanding to the transformation that comes with the new representations. The gaining of power for the rhetoric expert will come in different ways like the control of the resources at their disposal and the influence that comes with a personal relationship with someone at a powerful position. Power can however just come from the power possessed in an individual in terms of their ability to perform the different tasks assigned to them. Rhetorical expertise is never seen as power but the rhetoric skill of persuas.............

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