A look into Indian-Pakistan Conflict over the Kashmir Territory

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Kashmir Issue:

A look into Indian-Pakistan Conflict over the Kashmir Territory



Kashmir Issue

  1. Introduction: overview of Kashmir Conflict
  2. Prehistory of the conflict: preview of historical developments on Kashmir conflict
  3. Causes of the Conflict
  4. India-Pakistan Conflict and Partition from British Indian Empire
  5. Current State of Affairs





Kashmir Issue:


The Kashmir issue is a conflict of territory between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir region.The Kashmir region is located in the northwest part of South Asia. The Kashmir issue is unresolved to date.The two countries; India and Pakistan, have gone to war in 1947, 1965 and 1999 over control of the Kashmir region. The conflict in Kashmir has come to symbolize a long-standing difference that exist in the founding of the two nations, one Hindu and another Muslim; India and Pakistan.

Pre-history of the conflict

Conflict of interest arose between militant groups of Kashmir, Indian Armed Forces and separatist movements on who should control Kashmir. India believed the militants involved in the conflict on control of Kashmir received support from Pakistan. Recent years have seen the Kashmir conflict fading away. Although India claims ownership of the entire Kashmir and Jammu state from year 2010, it only controlled about 43% of that region including most of Jammu while Pakistan controlled 37% of Kashmir. China controlled 20% of Kashmir it occupied after going to war with India in 1962 (Sino-Indian War) and claims the Aksai Chin and part of the 20% of Kashmir ownership belongs to China and doesn’t recognize its addition to Kashmir territory.Pakistan said the Kashmir people must determine Kashmir ownership.Some independent parties wanted Kashmir to be free of both India and Pakistan. India administered Kashmir was actively conflicted between the Indian military and Kashmir people or inhabitants who are Muslim majority. In 2008, elections were held in Kashmir which led to the formation of pro-India government in Kashmir state. In 2001, an American think tank by the name RAND Corporation believed Pakistan was fuelling the conflict in Kashmir by sponsoring Islamic militants with the help of its Intelligence agencies with the aim of gaining more stakes in Kashmir region.It is the believe of the Indians that Kashmir is part of their territory, but some occurring unrest have caused India to lessen this stance. Pakistan believes Kashmir should be part of its territory because themajority of its inhabitants are Muslims just like Pakistanis, a Muslim nation. (Reynolds, “Jammu-Kashmir Conflict”).

Causes of the conflict

In Ancient times before the Kashmir issue began, people of religious diversity including Islam, Hindu, Sikhs and Buddhist who lived together in an environment of tolerance for one another inhabited the beautiful valley. But in modern geopolitical era, things changed, to an era of warfare mainly between the Hindu and Muslims. The conflict took centre stage in the late 1980’s when insurgency broke out in Kashmir. The once beautiful valley was in the verge of being torn apart, even .............

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