A Law Case Study Analysis Of A Sam And John’s Case Study

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A Law Case Study Analysis Of A Sam And John’s Case Study

Case Study

This paper presents a case study analysis of a Sam and John’s case study. Specifically the paper seeks to identify some of the arguments presented in the case study with relation to the issues identified, rules of contract and their application.

  1. Facts

Sam and John decide to open a lawn care service company aimed at assisting their neighbors in cutting grass. They draw up a contract which clearly states that they will charge each client 20$ a week for their services. Subsequently, the two business partners soon get clients from the neighborhood and they purchase a new lawn mower, which they use to provide services to their clients. Just as the business is beginning to pick up, the business faces various setbacks, which cause a legal issue for the business. At the outset one of the clients, the Johnson’s, lose their jobs, and they are unable to continue paying for the lawn mowing services. Based on the specifications of the contract, Sam and John continue servicing these clients at a weekly charge. Secondly, during a break from work at the Smith’s Sam leaves his Lawn Mower on and a neighborhood boy pushes it over, thus destroying Smith’s flowerbed and screen porch. After these incidences, the two business partners call off their business, as they believe that they can no longer work together as a team. Subsequently, John returns the stops making payment for the mower acquired from Mower Inc an states that he will not make any more future payments. Sam wishes to continue with the business but he cannot provide his services to clients without a lawn mower.

  1. Issue 1

As clients to the company, and after the acceptance of the contract, should the Johnsons be bound by the contract made to offer payment of 20$ a week for Lawn Mowing services to Sam and John’s company.

  1. Rule 1

The law of contract states that all parties in the contract need to fulfill the provisions of the contract until the end of the period contracted (Suff 3). Each party involved in the signing of the contract is legally bound to perform as per the provision of the contract. In addition to this the law of contract also allows the termination of contract if it is impossible to fulfill (lawyers.com 1).

  1. Application 1

In this case, Sam and John can argue out that for the collection of payment for services offered to the Johnsons based on the acceptance of the contract by the clients. This argument supports continual payment for services offered by the company to the Johnson’s irrespective of the unfortunate events that befell these clients. Here, Sam and John can argue that the contract supported the issuance of payment from the Johnson’s without the provision of any special circumstances. The Johnsons, on the other hand, can argue for the termination o.............

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