A journal called, The Colour of Discipline

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A journal called, The Colour of Discipline: Sources of Racial and Gender Disproportionality In School Punishment, by Russell J. Skiba, Robert S. Michael, Abra Carroll Nardo, and Reece L. Peterson, focuses on the level of stereotype and racial discrimination in schools. According to the journal the minority group in America is ever on the losing end of the schooling system. This is because they are usually viewed with a certain stereotype that white students are not viewed with. The male gender is also on the losing side because girls are perceived to be naturally calm people and when they are involved in some wrong activity they are given second and third chances but the boys are not.

The main reason for the punishment discrimination is because most of the students from the minority race are socio economically not well off. This means the schools offers them free lunch and even caters for part of their tuition fee, in a nutshell they are a liability to the school and when they commit a mistake they are easily suspended or expelled from schools (Costenbader, 1994).  Children whose parents do not have a full time job are discriminated against as compared to children whose parents have full time jobs. Blacks and Latinos are viewed as very violent and when they are in a group of friends they are referred to as a gang, this means a small incidence they are the first suspects and if they were in the least involved they would face severe punishment that if it were a group of white boys the case would have been different.

According to the Children Defence Fund, 1995, an African-American male has sixteen times more likely to be .............

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