A good leader

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A good leader

A football team requires a good leader as their coach for the team to perform well. To be a good leader, the coach must be confident (Fuhr 53). In order for a leader to set direction and lead they have to be confident as a person as well as in their role as a leader. In a team, there are days where things are not going as planned. As a good leader, the coach is supposed to maintain the team morale in such situations. They need to keep up their level of confidence and give assurance to the team members.

A good leader should be committed to excellence. If a leader expects the team to work hard and produce quality, they should act as an example (Fuhr 53). Through being committed, the leader will earn respect from the team and at the same time instill the hardworking energy to the team members. For instance, as a good leader the coach should sometimes do exercises together with the team members. They should able to maintain high standards and be proactive in .............

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