A Female Pioneer on the Oregon Trail

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A Female Pioneer on the Oregon Trail



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Taking the journey down the Oregon Trail was one of my greatest explorations accompanied with unbelievable adversity. I was part of the big group that was looking for new territory with underutilized opportunities. Our journey started in 1843 with almost 800 people, numerous wagons that were almost 100 as well as almost 4500 cattle. The Oregon Trail took us over five months to complete even though some of us did not live to see the end of the journey(Harrell, 2005). Indeed we were going to the new world that we did not know anything about although we felt that there must be wonderful things that we needed. Reaching the new land which was strategically located in the Pacific Northwest part of the country prompted us to take a journey which is popularly known as the Oregon Trail. The hardship we experienced with our children was one of its kinds. I influenced my family because I wanted to start of life in the west. In the beginning, the desire to explore new world overwhelmed me and I could not think about any other thing(Peavy& Smith, 1998).

Before the adventure life was very interesting and relaxing especially to women who did not have much to do in their homes. Women did not expect their men to explore the tales of gold and prosperous green land in the west because their husbands were already established businessmen or working on their lands. I initially believed that life was satisfying because I did not lack anything I wanted(Woodworth-Ney, 2008). However, one time I just changed my mind and decided to explore the great things that existed in the west. There was severe depression in the Midwest as well as propaganda from fellow traders and other government officials regarding the fertility and the value of land in the west.I fully packed my wagon with foodstuff such as beans, coffee, dried meat, flour as well as clothing and furniture. Interestingly, I had to drop some of my heavy household items such as furniture because they were too heavy to be carried while crossing rivers(Peavy& Smith, 1998).

Although we ran through fairly even country of the Great Plains, there was a good number of obstacles on the waysuch as the perils of crossing rivers as well as the candid risk of the Indian attackers. We drew our wagons into a circle at night to create a rough-and-ready barrier for fear of the India attacker. Few people died from accidental discharge of firearms or be drowned while we were crossing rivers. In addition, there were other more mundane causes such as diseases, some people would fall off horses and the difficulties of walking along rocky terrain tha.............

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