A day in the life of a dog

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A day in the life of a dog

Most of my friends say that they hear human beings repeat the same phrase, “every dog has its day, to me, I feel every day is a dog’s day” and they need to make our days better. Since I came to this family,  the oldest dog I have ever seen is my neighbor’s dog called Osama, He was pretty sluggish, but the people loved him, they would do with him in the afternoon and give her with dog biscuits and other nutrients. Unfortunately, Charlie passed away, and I was moved when the children held Osama’s day under their tree. After all said, my typical day starts at 9.00pm, when my master, Charles, comes to open my kernel for a cold night. Charles is warm and loving but his father Mr. Joe is extremely rude to me, my friends and any other canine that comes to his compound.

Charles always keeps his time; he comes to open the door for me at exactly 9.30 every day and stays with me as I take my super. We talk in low hushed voices. He motivates me telling me that he doesn’t like the way Mr. Joe is treating me and would like to give me better food when he finally get employed. Then other day, he came late and apologized, Charles also realizes that it is rude to shout at me. I wonder wither him can hear me, but I feel we communicate as he does what I say and I follow his commands. After my super Charles allows me into then family room, we share a lot in common. He likes traditional cuisine, and sports. He likes swimming and hiking, just the things that make me happy. He keeps on stroking my mane my hair while we talk, at times he allows me to sit on his lap especially when we are out.

The father would always come to my kernel door and shout at me, talking obscenities to me. He yells at me after having quarrels with his family. I always prefer quite moment especially in the morning as I take my morning nap. Mrs. Joe is very kind, but kind heart never won a fair lady, I prefer those who give me food, care about how I survive. Dogs prefer better food, my neighbor’s dog always barked to get the attention of their master when the master failed to give him proper food. The neighbor had to take her to the hospital for vaccination but was euthanized. How do human being think about us, they use as lab animal for research. I agree we share some characteristics, .............

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