A-Cut-Above Company

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A-Cut-Above Company

The key competitors of A-Cut-Above will be Ariel Janitorial Service company and Greenup, Inc. this is because these companies operate in the same area as A-Cut-Above and provide almost similar services (Baker, 2004). The companies compare, in terms, of the services that they provide. While A-Cut-Above provides specialized services in lawn maintenance and landscaping, Greenup and Ariel Janitorial Service companies offer a variety of services. Besides, the companies compare with that; although they offer lawn maintenance services, they do not offer landscaping services while A-Cut-Above provides the service (Baker, 2004).


The service that the company offers is in demand in the area and the services offered are unique since not everyone would desire doing the services. Besides, there are few firms offering the services of the company implying that there is less competition. In addition, the company offers attractive prices.


The company is new in the service, which may make it difficult to challenge old companies in the service. The company does not have a major co.............

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