A-Cut-Above Business Summary

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A-Cut-Above Business Summary




Starting a business requires that all aspects and processes pertaining to it be clearly stated. Indeed, it is imperative that the business idea id guided by a clearly defined framework that explains all its aspects to the pioneers and prospective investors.

The business idea

The proposed business is lawn maintenance and landscaping company situated in Pennsylvania. This business has its mission as the provision of clean professionally manicured lawns, as well as landscaping services that would ensure that the lawn and the constituent business to stand out. Its service provision is aimed at ensuring that it goes beyond the expectations of the customers.

Business Name

The proposed business name for the company is A-Cut-Above Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping.

The Four C’s of the Business.


As a small business enterprise, the day-to-day operations of A-Cut-Above Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Company will be handled by the directors. Any investors in the company apart from the pioneers will not have any control over the day-to-day operations. However, the performance of lawn cleaning and maintenance activities will be delegated to the employees, but will be under .............

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