A critical reflection on my development of skills this semester

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A critical reflection on my development of skills this semester






1:   A review of my timetable

The following chat shows is an extraction from my person weekly timetable showing the time spend in class (19 hours), private study (24 hours), work (include childcare/household duties) (13 hours), food preparation (13 hours), personal hygiene (7 hours) and leisure/socialising (72 hours).


Figure 1.1


In class

I normally take around 19 hours in class. This is between 12 noon and 6pm on Tuesday, 11am and 4pm on Wednesday and from 9am to 1 pm on Thursday. This represents nearly 11% if my weekly time. The 19 hours spent with a tutor allows for more time to apply the learned skills in real life. The extra time is also used for practice and further research on a given topic. Scheduling class time from Wednesday to Thursday is important since it allows me with my family and time to do house chores.


Private study

I spend more time in private study compared to classroom time. I use 26 hours which translates to 14% of my weekly time. I study for averagely three hours per day.  Self-study allows me time to research on my own and compare various scholars’ assertions and findings. The high percentage of time spent in self-study has been contributed by my eagerness to learn new things. Throughout the semester, and based on the units taught, I have gained curiosity of learning whether formally or informally. My wiliness to learn new things have assisted me develops my academic and professional life. I have been able not only to master new skills but also get clarification of given issues through consultations and notes comparison. My persistence or industriousness has enabled me progress academically. I have been taking pleasure in achieving tasks and assignments.

Work (include childcare/household duties)

This contributes to nearly 8% of my weekly time. I have been concentrating in house hold duties to give allow enough learning time for personal study.

Food preparation, eating and clearing up

Food preparations, eating and clearing up takes 8% of my weekly time. The high percentage is contributed by my child and cleaning up which takes 3.5% of the time. Shopping only takes 2% of the time since I only have one child.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene takes 4% of the time. The person hygiene includes washing and bathing.


Relaxation takes 12% of the week. Socializing helps build relationships with others. Apart from the academic and professional life, it is necessary that I take some time with the close relatives and friends. It helps me learn about others and also from them. Socializing also helps me relax after self-study. The high percentage is contributed by the fact that I need more time to relax with my family members. Over the years, I have developed various skills and experiences of which the experiences help me in interaction with people. This makes me easy to work with, and people desire to work with me as I am an individual that can influence people to a strong common cause through my approach to work and tasks. Being a terrible team player intermarried with an impatience approach to things makes me feel that I have attributes that many people would consider as weaknesses.

Though I could not achieve the 200 hours studying, I spend most of the time in self-study. I feel my current timetable suits my academic needs and leaves me time with the family members.

2: A review of your learning from the process of developing group report

Objective 1: Team player and good communication

My first objective was to learn more about being a team player and develop good communication skills. My aim was to succeed and gain better communication skills and be able to cooperate with different people either in the group or outside. Pursuing this goal has enabled me to improve my communication and team performance skills. Currently, I am ain a position to express myself fluently compared to my previous state. Referring to the course content, I can admittedly say that a lot of speech work has been covered and hence enhancing my communication skills. It is through good communication skills that I have been able to express myself in the group. I am able, through communication, verbally or written to conduct an interview and describe a situation as it occurred. Through perusing this objective, I have learnt that good communications skills are essential quality since it assists me to understand other group member’s opinion and assertions. A good communication and being a team player has enabled me to enhance my interactions with other group members. Through team work, I have been able to learn various backgrounds of individuals for better understanding of each group member. My good communication skills, both verbally and written has assisted me communicate with various people that I interact with.

Objective 2: Graduation

I would like to graduate at the end of my International Tourism Management course. I would like to attain better grades and get a good job after graduation. The university through pursuing this course have given me a better understanding and knowledge in this course and other related fields. The course has taught me how to manage my time and allow me time to associate with others. Through reading various course books and other materials, I have learnt various interaction and team management skills. The skills gained through the course have enabled me work effectively with different people and groups and ages. I have also enhanced my communication skills and team management. Through the course, I have developed god critical thinking skills and this has assisted me to succeed in given working conditions. The course has enhanced my listening skills and so better working with other group members.

Objective 3: time management

I wanted to be able to plan my time and learn different revision approaches. I have been able to organize my timetable and also ensure that I do not miss an activity as indicated in the timetable. Managing time is one of the most important aspects in achieving one’s predetermined goals either at work or at school. It refers to developing processes and tools that will ensure an increase in efficiency and productivity in the performance of a given task. In order to be effective in performing these activities, one has to allocate an amount of time to a task and ensure the task is performed within the allocated time. Time management ensures that w.............

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