A case study of a school child with mental, physical and medical conditions

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A case study of a school child with mental, physical and medical conditions





Development disability Victims,are most vulnerable to mental disorders and are in dire need of special attention for the purpose of adapting to the complexities of this modern world. Family members, relatives and friends have a role to play, to give them hope, help them feel accepted, treasured and loved despite their predicaments. Development disability is a condition that results in physical or mental disabilities with substantial effects on their functioning. Some research has also reviewed a possibility of biochemical and genetic abnormalities that are linked with some of the vital metal disabilities, such as autism and diabetes.

Michael is a ten year boy of Caucasian heritage, currently a third grade student at hillside school. He is one of the few unfortunate kids with a physical, medical and mental condition. His parents, Mr.&Mrs. Madison are very loving and responsible parents who have vowed to help Michael get through. Being a financially stable couple, all the care and attention that Michael needs is given, to make him have a normal lifestyle. Mrs. Miller; his grandmother has been very instrumental and helpful in Michael’s progress both in his adverse mental and medical conditions.

After a normal pregnancy with noprenatal complications, Michael was seen to be in blooming health. It was at the age of five when his parents noticed some strange behaviors in him and after consultations from specialists, he was diagnosed with some acute mental condition; autism. This was a big blow to his parents who vowed to assist him through the tough timesdespite the devastating news from doctors that Michael might not fully recover from his mental condition. Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological disorder that affects development of children targeting their communication skills and their social relationship with others. At the age of six, his health conditions did get worse as he was seen to gain excess body fats. After serious medical examinations, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As if fate was not done with him yet, Michael broke his knee after slamming his leg in the living room chimney. This repetitive behavior of self-inflicting injuries whenever he got enraged almost made him lose his leg.

Michael had to undergo a 3-hour surgery on his knee but did not fully recuperate. The chief surgeon advised his parents to take him to some physical therapysessions for as long as they could to make sure his condition improves. As for the mean time, he had to use some leg support to help him walk.

Apart from the physical therapy sessions, he had to frequent the hospitals to check his blood sugar and receive oral medications, strictly on a particular drug known as metformin, which he took a 500mg doze twice a day. His grandmother was very helpful and supportive to make sure Michael did not skip his prescription. On addition to his health problem, he also had a very serious allergy on peanut and his body would get pale and swollen whenever he came into contact with peanut. This forced his parents and the school fraternity to adhere to aspecial diet of peanut-free foods and low-caloric foods, particularly on plant produce. Type 2 diabetes was not something new in their family. His grandfather was also a victim and according to the family doctor’s opinion, Michael was vulnerable to inherit it because of his mental disability.

Rarely would Michael tour the town as he continuously enjoyed his own company. His physical condition would also restrict him but he had no problem running his errands. He used to feed on his own, take a shower or even visit the washroom without any form of assistance. He had a normal routine just like many of the other kids, despite his inequities. Michael could now communicate to others without so much trouble as opposed to hisautism-incubation period, when communication was a problem. Earlier, he used to communicate by pointing at things but after a series of communication therapies, as advised by their doctor, Michael managed to recover his speech confidence. No harm had been done to his intellectual status and so he had no problem attending hillside school.

He got into th.............

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