A career in Financial Risk Management

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A career in Financial Risk Management

Personal Statement

Financial Risk Management has always been my forte. Financial Risk Management at graduate level offers immense opportunities for students. It offers learners a chance to gain computational, mathematical, and statistical skills requisite for maneuvering today’s financial needs. This course offers a real chance for the learners to appreciate the dynamics of a rapidly changing business environment. Such skills are valuable when understanding the various risks in the industry, and enable the learner to come up practical skills for navigating the turbulent waters. In addition, being successful in today’s business world requires the learner to have a clear understanding of the psychological and managerial issues that have a direct impact on management of business. Many problems and risks bedevil today’s business. The environment changes rapidly, and this requires competent staff that can address and remedy the situation as it arises. Financial Risk Management is the right course to address these challenges.

I would like to study this course at UCL for a number of reasons. First, this is a public university with a bias towards research. I love doing research because without so, one becomes intellectually redundant. Secondly, UCL has a highly respectable standing in world league tables. This would grant me an opportunity to study and carry out research with the best brains, and by using the most recent publications. The financial world changes rapidly, and this calls for timely and consistent research to keep up with the happenings. Third, the location of the University is ideal for this kind of academic course. London is a major financial hub. The Financial Services Authority (FSA), Bank of England (BoE), and Financial Services Industry (FSI) have a direct and an unwavering interest in the quality of financial analysis and risk management. The collaboration of UCL and these institutions will offer an opportunity for learners to up their analytical skills, develop an interest in entrepreneurial skills, and offer the best advice concerning the financial risk situation.

There is every motivation to study Financial Risk Management. I have always fancied offering practical advice in real situations. There is a high demand for risk management expertise. This is because managing risk is the first step towards succeeding as an enterprise, especially in the prevailing market forces. The conduct of business is now global and understanding risk factors, and initiating mitigating measures is a sure way to get to a winning start. The development of global markets and instruments means there will always be inherent risks in the running of any business. The risk managers must have a clear and concise understanding of credit risk, market risks, operational.............

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