A Career as a Sports Broadcaster

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A Career as a Sports Broadcaster


Sports broadcaster is one of the careers in the media sector that is full of opportunities. Most students, who advance for mass communications doesn’t specialize in broadcasting as their option; this leaves a void that needs to be filled on by a few students (Watson 55).This paper explores the prerequisites for this career and the possible additional qualifications that theone should have.

The Nature of the Career itself

Sports broadcaster is one of the most exciting career to especially in. a sports are a person who is tasked with an activity of broadcasting and commenting anparticular sport. This is the most exciting career opportunity that doesn’t involve a lot of hectic activities. A sport broadcaster is tasked with live commentary of a life event or sport, for example; football, rugby, athletics, among others. The person running the commentary should be fluent and quick in capturing events as is this one of the most career opportunities that demands for attentiveness. A sport broadcaster can use different avenues to run commentary analysis of the sport, e.g. radio, television or live streaming in the website.

A sport broadcaster ought to be fluent and enthusiastic in the live coverage event. Fluency helps the listener to capture all the events that are ongoing without necessarily having a view of it. Most broadcasters are enthusiastic; this only means that a broadcaster has a way of manipulating a listener to hear more and more of the broadcasting event without losing the patience. A broadcaster uses various intra-personal skills to lure the listener to have a glimpse of every event without being distracted by anything or anyone. Broadcasting sports like, football needs a person who is full of vigor and the ability to motivate the listeners to hear more and more of the live broadcasting event. This only means, being a broadcaster doesn’t necessarily require one to be armed with the necessary level qualifications,butit sometimes demands the person to be highly presentable and an enthusiast.

Qualifications/Preparation to work in the field

There arevariouspreparations that need to be achieved before an individual advances into the career field. One of the basic qualifications is to have a degree in mass communication and a specialization in sports broadcaster. This exposes an individual into the pre-requisites of being a sports broadcaster. The qualifications are essential as this is a tool that is used by most of the broadcasting companies that employ individuals. Communication is another critical tool that a broadcaster shouldbe proficient in. good performance in communication skills allows an individual to complete his experience to broadcastsport.

Another possible way of preparing is being familiar with the career. Going for career workshops .............

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