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  1. The Okshan Company Ownership:

The Okshan Company is a handyman service delivery company that is set to commence its business operation in February next year. This company will operate as a sole proprietorship business entity. Jackson Coal will be the sole owner of the Okshan business firm (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 253). Jackson has a 10 year experience in the handyman service production field working as a production manager at Malvern Home Repair Company which is the leading handyman service provision company is the United States of America. Having worked in this company for such a very long time, Jackson has gained more experience, knowledge and skills in the field. Knowing how profitable this industry is, Jackson has decided to start his own company with the aid of his personal savings and family inheritance (Cheal, 392).

  1. The Mission Statement for Okshan:

The mission of Okshan firm is to deliver the best quality handyman services to its customers in its market region.

iii.                The Objectives of the firm:

  • To have a clientele base that is the largest it can ever serve in its sustainable state. Burrow (2008), clearly provides that this act aims at ensuring that the firm acquires the largest market niche ever in the industry.
  • To offer excellent handyman service delivery to its customers ever in the region.
  • To have a pricing that would offer the greatest ever competition in the region.
  • To offer high quality and suburb handyman services to its customers.

The above Okshan objectives are set on the basis of the trends and prevalence of the conditions of the company’s market.

Keys to Success

  • Okshan firm will have a product superiority aimed at the promoting the loyalty of the firm’s customers.
  • The firm will be located in a very appropriate place that would ensure the delivery and provision of handyman services in an effective and efficient manner.
  • The Okshan firm will constitute a highly trained staff that will offer high quality services and in return result in good customer relation.

The Business Structure of Okshan Company

The business operations in Okshan will be headed by the General Manager who in this case will be business owner. All the business operations in this firm will be overseen by the General Manager. At the second level of operation management in the firm will be the three managers; the production manager, the sales manager and the security manager. The Production Manager will be responsible for heading the production department in the firm that will be charged with the responsibility of service delivery, and carrying out any product related research. The Sales Manager will be charged with the responsibility of carrying out all internal sales and purchases (Peterson, Jaret, & Schenck, 198). The Security Manager will be in charge of handling all security issues during the Okshan business operations.

The junior staff in Okshan will be allocated duties by their departmental managers based on their specialization. Through the well designed firm management structure, there will be minimal cases of duplication of roles among the employees as well as the conflicts of interest will be minimized. The flow of information will be clear as the manager can use a specified mode of communication to ensure that the departmental heads and junior staff are informed on the tasks and strategies to be implemented so as to attain the set organizational goals (Cheal, 392).

  1. The Okshan Marketing Goals:

The main aim of the goals of marketing of Okshan firm will be to create a clientele base that is large: The firm will achieve the marketing goals of t.............

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